How to be Better at Working from Home

We all know that more and more people around the world work from home. The number keeps growing very rapidly with each passing year and is predicted to keep growing at a fast rate. Unfortunately, many of those who work from home do it at the cost of their productivity. It is easy to get distracted at home with all the things going on there and many of us do not follow the same rules they would follow in their workplace.

One of the biggest mistakes those working from home do is avoiding to take breaks. It is so easy to fall into the routine of working all the time without any breaks without anybody out there to supervise you. Some of us sit in front their computers all day without taking any breaks at all while the truth is that in order to maximise productivity it is advisable to work for 52 minutes and then have a break for 15 minutes. How many of us do stick to that sort of routine.

As a person who works from home I found this work from home guide to be extremely useful to me. It clearly explains all I need to do in order to work efficiently at home such as blocking places such as Facebook or Twitter that are absolutely time wasters and places to stay away from especially during work. Another useful hint I got from them was the so-called productivity nap. We all known that coffee is proven to improve your concentration capabilities and most office workers drink plenty of coffee every day, but did you know that if you drink a cup of joe and then take a 20 minute nap you are actually going to feel even better and refreshed? I am planning to take such naps to ensure that thanks to such tips my productivity of working from home is going to be even greater than ever.

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