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How to Hire a Fabulous High School Math Tutor Online On a Tight Budget

With school just started around the country, many parents have already started feeling a pinch. They are worried what academic problems will their children bring home this year, would that be a math or any other subject?

According the recent survey by New York Times, 20% adults suffer from math anxiety and pass that anxiety to their kids when they struggle to help them with their math homework. Thanks to the easy access to Internet, those parents can find the help they need online from an on-demand virtual online tutors. Companies like: Tutor Pace and Edu Niche are competing against the startups like Math Umpire to win the students and parent’s loyalty and help them succeed.

If you are lacking money and you need to help your kids to learn math, oh where oh where can you find the help? The answer to that question my friend is the internet, where you can really find a great teacher that doesn’t scold you, shout at you, or turn you down, rather than the internet? But off-course, I mean this in a good way because online tutors just like myself are very kind and cooperative with our students, we help you learn about what you want to learn and we benefit from it. How? With your wages off-course, it is our motivation when you give us the right amount of salary.

There are many online teaching schools that are good, but there are also online schools that are fake so be aware and scrutinize the sites before enrolling don’t think that the more you pay the better their teaching abilities are because some are just really overpriced search for a common online math school that is known by many individuals and start from there, if you come across small teaching sites don’t be afraid to ask because maybe they’re just a new commencing online school.

Starting or commencing online schools don’t expect big money to come to them immediately, so their payment methods are fewer than prolonged online schools. But if you are really are on a tight budget that the only thing you can pay for is the internet then it’s alright there are many tutorials or video tutorials in the World Wide Web that are easy to understand.

If you go to you-tube, there are several things you can learn specially math, because it’s not just the number one subject to master, it is also the reason why we have great things on our generation today. without math Hitler would’ve won world war 2, because of Einstein’s formula he was able to create the nuclear bomb, without math there would be no computers and electrical devices like cellphones, game-cubes and other electronic devices that you can think off, our houses would also be tilted or it would be an eyesore because without math there be no measurement or computations, just think if there was no measurement of a foundation of a building it would collapse right? These are the reason why math is so popular and well known for its benefits resulting in an avalanche of mathematical teaching everywhere we go we use math, we go to the grocery buy apples how many ? Two for 3 USD but you only have 2 USD you know you can’t buy the two apples, you’re already using math. You go to the gasoline station and put 30 USD worth of gas in your car you pay with 50 USD and you get a change of how much? 20 USD.

Wherever you go there will be math so it is not very difficult to learn you just need to start from the basics and work yourself up until you get to the mind boggling equations and step by step solutions that will blow your minds off, there are also websites that solve the given problem to you like, and , you just need to enter the given math problem in a type box on the site press enter and there you have it, the formula of your problem solved, it’s just like having a math freak Asian friend except without the talking and almond shaped eyes and instead of a face it’s a monitor.

If you really want to learn math you don’t need to get an awesome tutor online, just get an average tutor that is willing to teach you the things you want to learn. If you’re still lacking the budget to do so… just use the damn internet! You can go to math head chat boxes, math forums, mathematics online groups and you’ll learn many things that you didn’t expect there is. plus you can save the money you were supposed to use to enroll and invest it, we don’t know maybe in the future you can use it to make a canteen buy middle school math books, high school math books, and college math books do it like the “DIY way” someday you will be proud of yourself and say to yourself “I taught myself math and now I’m going to pass it to my students”.

How Social Media is Changing the Way Companies find Staff

In a very real sense, social media has changed the world (mostly for the better) in recent years. What began as a simple way for friends and family members to stay in touch over the internet and organise their media libraries in one convenient place has morphed into a global market sector worth billions. Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are now household names across the globe, even amongst those who might not even own a computer! It’s also started to change the way companies hire their staff. All potential employees will doubtless have some kind of online presence and this is an incredibly useful tool for rooting out potential employees and expanding the profile of the company. Thousands of businesses across the world are using social media to hire new staff. Here we’ll explore how and why your company should be doing likewise.

The Pros

It has been proven that businesses which use social media experience a far less significant turn over of staff. This is primarily because social media networks allow companies to use advanced Tactical Solutions to find staff members who are more suited to the job, not just professionally, but personally as well. Most of the top-tier companies are now using social media as their primary source for new employees as it not only works as a means for hiring new staff, but as an incredibly cost-effective marketing campaign. Whilst you’re looking for the best possible people, you can also use the time to expand your company’s brand and get your name out there. There is also the opportunity with social media to build a more tangible and emotional connection to your employees by building a more attractive and relatable company brand. The most obvious boon however is the sheer reach you gain from using social media. Social media is fundamentally changing the way business gets done and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The Cons

To be completely honest the cons are few and far between but they are there. The primary con of course is the potential for fraud. It is quite simple for an outside source to hack into a potential staff members Facebook, Twitter or Linked In account and sabotage their personal information or for personal information to be fabricated in the first place. The ‘casual’ nature of sites such as Facebook could also prove a liability as employees might think that their privacy is being invaded.

Linked In

Perhaps the first social media site to exist primarily to create connections between employees and employers, having a Linked In profile is fast becoming an absolute necessity if you wish to be taken seriously in the business world. On your Linked In page you can upload your CV, your previous jobs, interests, personal details and (perhaps most importantly) a list of skills that other members of the website can choose to ‘endorse’. For many companies and recruitment firms, Linked In endorsements are incredibly useful tools for gauging whether or not an applicant’s claims can be backed up by their fellow professionals.


The undisputed daddy’s of social media, more than 60% of recruiters now use Facebook and more then 50% use Twitter. Although Linked In dominates the social media market when it comes to recruitment, the fact that it’s specifically geared towards professionals means that its reach is rather limited. For example, at last count there were 225 million registered Linked In users but Facebook has a staggering 1.15 BILLION. Of course this is only an estimate. The figures are undeniably impressive though and of course Facebook cannot just be used for recruitment, but can be an invaluable tool in expanding your brand and audience awareness.

Top Tips

  • Know your target audience and stick to it. Decide early on which social networking site best suits your needs and focus all of your energy on it. Being a ‘jack-of-all-trades” is not recommended.
  • Be creative. Everyone and their dog will be using the same tactics so try to think outside the box.
  • Think outside the box when it comes to what kind of employee you’re looking for. For example, social media is an avenue someone with experience working at more unconventional companies (such as a Secret Shopping Agency) might look for employment, and sometimes it helps to have someone on board who won’t baulk at trying new things.
  • Always return messages. By having an open dialogue with your audience and potential employees, you’re encouraging growth and will come across as a ‘people focused’ company.
  • Start early. Don’t delay and let your social media profile be the last thing you decide to focus on, if anything, it should be the first thing you focus on as it can be linked to all other aspects of your recruitment campaign.

Why Subscription Models and Cloud-Based Software Are Becoming More Ideal

As the technology driving the Internet becomes more advanced, new methods of software distribution are delivered. Nearly every industry has been affected by Cloud-based apps, and it may continue until software on CD or DVD Rom is obsolete and forgotten. Even the gaming community has seen drastic shifts in distribution as downloadable content across broadband networks can give a consumer the title he or she wants within minutes. With all of these changes, where does the subscription model come into play?

Affordable for All

In previous years, it would take a serious investment from a company in order to get software that can streamline a business platform. With a subscription-based Cloud environment, nearly any business can get the apps they need immediately without the costly investment. Server hardware, networking devices and installation disks are being replaced by browser-based apps that cost a minimal amount each month to operate. All a company truly needs in most of these instances is a computer and an Internet connection.

Cross-Platform Usage

Throughout the majority of the 20th century, software was restricted to specific operating systems. The applications available on PCs may not be usable on Macs. However, the Internet was developed as a universal method for sharing information. Nearly every device today can experience the same access. PCs, Macs, Linux and other systems are not restricted as they were before. This means that businesses can incorporate a menagerie of different computer systems all accessing the same Cloud-based application.

Costs Less to Produce

One of the primary driving forces for more Cloud-based applications is the overall cost to the developer to distribute the software. Instead of printing labels, burning CDs and paying distributors to stock computer store shelves with a product, it can be access from a single website. This helps the developing company save a great deal of money while reducing the overall immediate cost to the user.


Mobility is one of the key points of business in today’s economy. Smartphones, tablets and even laptops need to be able to access the same files and data that their counterpart desktop computers utilize. This enhances efficiency as the data can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Instead of having to rush back to the office to make emergency changes to a file, it can be done from home or standing in line at the grocery store.

Reduction in Patching and Fixes

Previously, patches were downloaded or installed from disks to fix bugs within software. In a Cloud environment, the changes are made to the site and accomplished without the consumer being affected. Everyone receives the same fixes simultaneously and instantly.

When you read content such as the Charles Phillips article explaining the modernization of apps and easy migration, you can begin to understand just how much the world has changed since the first days of Windows 95. Each new acquisition by developing companies contributes to creating an ever-advancing platform that is being programmed to do everything you need it to do from a single website. Subscriptions to these apps allow you to take advantage of the benefits today without worrying about the expenses of software usability tomorrow.

Three Reasons to Invest in Las Vegas Real Estate Today

The real estate industry was hit hard by in 2008 and is only now beginning to recover, but it was here in Las Vegas that housing prices truly plunged. Along with the Phoenix area and Detroit, Michigan, it was the Las Vegas metropolitan area that led the nation in the percentage drop in housing prices as well as foreclosures. The trend in housing prices is starting to reverse everywhere in the country, and Las Vegas is no different. The time to buy residential real estate is now, and the following are three reasons to focus your investment funds in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

Low prices
The price of residential real estate is no longer at the level it fell during the peak of the Great Recession, but the prices are still quite low compared to their previous peak before the recession. This is true for single family residential homes in median income level housing tracts all the way up to high-end homes in exclusive neighborhoods. In fact, the initial growth in housing prices has started at the higher end of the housing spectrum, and it is here that investors will likely see their greatest returns over time.

Potential for great returns
Over time, your return on investment with real estate will depend upon how low you can buy, and how much it is worth in the future. True, you can develop property and increase its value, but in Las Vegas, you will see the greatest opportunity to reap great rewards by simply buying residential real estate and simply maintain the properties, watching them grow in value over time.

New hotels are being developed
As the economy has started to show long-term signs of growth and stability across the nation, here in Las Vegas, these signs can be found too. Large hotels and resort projects, kept on hold for many years, have been restarted. This can be plainly seen walking down the northern part of the Las Vegas Strip. New hotels mean more jobs, and these people need a place to live. This only increases the demand for existing properties, and their values will rise.

If you are interested in buying residential property in Las Vegas and would like more information, you need to contact a good real estate broker. One example is Realty ONE Group. Led by Kuba Jewgieniew, this real estate company has the expertise you need to make informed investment decisions.

Insurance You Need if You Work From Home

Whether you own your own business or simply work from home, you may need some extra insurance to protect yourself. You know you need the big insurances like health, life, and auto insurance, but are there other specific insurances you need because you work from home? The answer is probably yes. For example, did you know that if a mailman slips on your sidewalk while delivering mail and you have your own at-home business, your homeowner’s policy may not cover the medical expenses?

Chances are you were unaware of that, and now you’re probably wondering how you can protect yourself and your business. Well in order to know exactly how to protect your work-at-home lifestyle, you have to take a look at the insurances that you may need.

Business Equipment Insurance

Business equipment insurance, also sometimes called business property insurance, covers computers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, furniture, and the like in the case of fire, flood, or theft. Your homeowner’s policy may not cover your business equipment since it is for your business.

Liability Insurance

You would need liability insurance if you had customers come to your house. It would protect you and your business from being liable for medical bills if some sort of accident would happen. If you had liability insurance and your delivery man slipped on the sidewalk, you would not be liable for his injuries.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability would cover any accidents that happened due to a product, service, or advice that you gave a client. That means that you would need this type of insurance if you were an accountant, lawyer, writer, financial adviser, shrink, or any job that gave clients products, service, or advice that could harm them.

Endorsement on Homeowners

Another way that you can protect your business or your ability to work from home is with an endorsement on your homeowner’s insurance. It would just be an additional clause or rider to your homeowners that would add coverage for your business and complete your Charleston insurance.

In-Home Business Policy

An in-home business policy would only really be necessary if you had employees. It would cover you from the risk of theft or loss of critical documents. This type of insurance would cover more damages than an endorsement to your homeowners.

Business Owner’s Policy

There is also a business owner’s policy which would cover even more damages than an in-home business policy. This type of policy would cover the damage or loss of business equipment, liability for injuries to customers or employees, losing critical records, malpractice, and other business related calamities.

Figure Out What You Need

You can figure out what type of insurance you need if you work from home or run your own at-home business by talking to your insurance provider. They can ensure that you are completely covered, so you don’t have to worry about losing money or needing to pause your work. You probably need to add some sort of insurance policies, but why not take the guess work out of it and just talk to an insurance provider.

You and your family depend on your work. That’s why it is important that you make sure you are properly insured. You need to make sure that no minor hiccups will slow you down. Talk to an insurance agent today to ensure that you are completely covered to work from home.

Cleaning Your Windows at the End of the Summer

This summer has been a long and eventful one. I have managed to go to places that I had no idea about and participate in various events I didn’t know I would ever have a chance to participate in. I also had plenty of opportunities to stay at home, which was great because the time I spend at home is always a very precious time to me and I cherish every minute I get to spend in my lovely house.

Since the summer is ending and I have been in my home for so many days in a row, I started noticing things that definitely could use some improvement. One of those things are definitely the windows. I washed them in the beginning of the summer, but now when the season is about to end I feel the need to wash them again. One problem that I am having though is that I don’t really feel like doing it. I am going to go back to work soon, so I like to use every opportunity to be able to relax in my garden rather than running around the house cleaning the windows. I guess I will ask somebody for help, somebody similar to those specializing in window cleaning Sydney. They must be having their hands full of work at the moment because many businesses get back to work after the summer and they start noticing all the dirty windows they have in their offices. The end of August might be a good time to clean your windows before winter starts.

Self Storage for Business

I remember hearing the terms self storage and storage unit for the first time. It was many years ago. At that time, I had no idea what storage units were all about. It took me some time to realize what storage units were designed for and I am here to tell you a little about them in this post.

One of the ways you can think of self storage units is to try to imagine that such units are places where you can store your belongings when you do not want to store all of them in your office or home for one reason or another. You might not be able to store all your belongings in your office building for various reasons. First of all, your office might be too small to store everything you have, but you might not want to part with some of the items you used to own for many years. Secondly, you might want to use some items that are in your possession only from time to time. I am thinking here about various things that many business owner have, but only use them from time to time when an opportunity to do so presents itself. If this is the case, renting one of these self storage units for business might be a good idea, especially if you have tons of things that can be useful one day, but don’t know what to do with them at the moment.

I understand why some business owners might experience problems storing all their stuff in their offices. When you pay for your office, you might not have enough space to be able to keep there everything you want. If I were to give business owners some advice, I would advise them to rent a self storage unit for business instead of thinking which items they should get rid of and which ones they should keep.

An Escape from Prohibition: From Chicago to Havana

In 1920, the United States passed an amendment that banned the manufacture and sale of alcohol. The ban was referred to was “prohibition.” It remains as one of the famous pieces of legislation today. Prohibition was designed to help curb America’s moral, religious and practical problems by increasing morale and saving grain.

By 1929, reports were demonstrating that banning alcohol was not have having the expected effects. There were several reasons why prohibition failed. The first is that there were not enough people to enforce the law. The second reason was that it was easy to smuggle alcohol across America’s extensive international borders. The third reason is that a large portion of the population did not believe in this amendments and had no desire to curb their drinking.

Even though it was illegal to manufacture, distribute and even drink alcohol, Americans found ways around the ban. Organized crime gangs, led by famous gangsters like Al Capone, had established networks in place to distribute alcohol through illegal institutions. Also, companies like Bacardi Cuba saw an opportunity to encourage American tourists to visit Cuba to enjoy the benefits of drinking local rum in total freedom. The Caribbean islands then became a luxurious destination for America’s wealthiest citizens. The combination of the serene landscape and the freedom to continue throwing house parties brought the islands some of their earliest and wealthiest patrons.

The capitalist interests of foreign alcohol manufacturers along with the enterprise of the organized gangs were very effective in ensuring the failure of prohibition. When these reasons were compounded with the failure of the government to enforce the law, there is little question about why prohibition failed in the United States.

The 18th Amendment that made prohibition into law is the only constitutional amendment ever to be repealed. On December 5, 1933, prohibition was over. It only took 13 years, 10 months and 19 days for the United States government to admit that their initiative was a complete failure. Instead of drinking legally in bars, Americans began to drink dangerous homemade alcohol that was not only bad for their health but also capable of spontaneous combustion.

While prohibition began as a method of restoring morale after the end of the First World War, the institution ultimately did more harm than good. When it was all over, President Roosevelt admitted that “What American needs now is a drink.”

Guidelines For Merging Accounts In Salesforce

Salesforce users know that duplicate entries are quite common when you use such customer management software. In order to maintain the accuracy of your database, you have to be able to get rid of these duplicates. As deletion is not such a good idea, you need to find a way to merge the information in the duplicate accounts.

Merging accounts in Salesforce is possible only if you are an administrator or the account owner. It is also possible that users above the account owner in the hierarchy can operate this change, but they need to have the appropriate user permissions in order to do so.

If you don’t own the two accounts you wish to merge, you should have both Delete and Edit permissions on both accounts. You need to be able to delete because one of the accounts is going to be deleted from the system following the merge. The Edit permission is needed because the account name field will have to change, thus editing opportunities and cases that are associated with the accounts to be merged.

Avoid Duplicates By Merging Accounts In Salesforce

The newly merged account will hold all information related to any of the two duplicate accounts. Beware that any manual sharing from the Master Record is applied to the newly merged account. The discarded duplicate records are automatically moved to the Recycle Bin.

The Created By date is taken from the oldest of the two accounts. The date of the merge is displayed as the Modified By date. If your organization uses divisions, the new account is assigned to the division of the Master Record by default. If you need the change this, you have to select it manually.

The actual operation of merging accounts in Salesforce is done from the Accounts tab, by selecting Merge Accounts. Next, you have to enter a few characters to find your accounts, and then select all of them. You can merge up to three accounts. You have to select one of them to be the Master Record, and then check all the fields you want to retain from each of the records. If there’s any conflicting data, the software is going to warn you by marking the conflicting rows in blue. If everything is OK, all you have to do is click the Merge button and merging accounts in Salesforce is done. If you check all details carefully, your duplicate accounts are going to become one, allowing you to maintain an accurate database.

How to Deal with Waste in Your Business

Having your business can be a complicated task indeed. You have so many thing to think about such as accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. If it wasn’t enough, you also have to take care you dispose of your waste. This is extremely important in case you run a catering business such as a restaurant for example as every restaurant produces tons of waste that needs to be disposed of somehow.

Over the years, QCR waste balers have become a viable option for businesses of all sizes to help them to dispose of their organic and non-organic waste. Being able to reduce the volume of your waste by up to 90% is pretty impressive. In my opinion, every business should aim to make it happen no matter its size. When you reduce the volume of garbage you produce, you immediately become more environmentally friendly. This alone should already make you feel better, because what else can you do for the environment than to pollute it less?

If you are a business owner, I would like to encourage you to take a look at how much waste you produce. You might discover that there is a lot more of it than you have previously thought. It might be a good idea then to carefully examine your options and see what you can do about it.