Why Subscription Models and Cloud-Based Software Are Becoming More Ideal

As the technology driving the Internet becomes more advanced, new methods of software distribution are delivered. Nearly every industry has been affected by Cloud-based apps, and it may continue until software on CD or DVD Rom is obsolete and forgotten. Even the gaming community has seen drastic shifts in distribution as downloadable content across broadband networks can give a consumer the title he or she wants within minutes. With all of these changes, where does the subscription model come into play?

Affordable for All

In previous years, it would take a serious investment from a company in order to get software that can streamline a business platform. With a subscription-based Cloud environment, nearly any business can get the apps they need immediately without the costly investment. Server hardware, networking devices and installation disks are being replaced by browser-based apps that cost a minimal amount each month to operate. All a company truly needs in most of these instances is a computer and an Internet connection.

Cross-Platform Usage

Throughout the majority of the 20th century, software was restricted to specific operating systems. The applications available on PCs may not be usable on Macs. However, the Internet was developed as a universal method for sharing information. Nearly every device today can experience the same access. PCs, Macs, Linux and other systems are not restricted as they were before. This means that businesses can incorporate a menagerie of different computer systems all accessing the same Cloud-based application.

Costs Less to Produce

One of the primary driving forces for more Cloud-based applications is the overall cost to the developer to distribute the software. Instead of printing labels, burning CDs and paying distributors to stock computer store shelves with a product, it can be access from a single website. This helps the developing company save a great deal of money while reducing the overall immediate cost to the user.


Mobility is one of the key points of business in today’s economy. Smartphones, tablets and even laptops need to be able to access the same files and data that their counterpart desktop computers utilize. This enhances efficiency as the data can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Instead of having to rush back to the office to make emergency changes to a file, it can be done from home or standing in line at the grocery store.

Reduction in Patching and Fixes

Previously, patches were downloaded or installed from disks to fix bugs within software. In a Cloud environment, the changes are made to the site and accomplished without the consumer being affected. Everyone receives the same fixes simultaneously and instantly.

When you read content such as the Charles Phillips article explaining the modernization of apps and easy migration, you can begin to understand just how much the world has changed since the first days of Windows 95. Each new acquisition by developing companies contributes to creating an ever-advancing platform that is being programmed to do everything you need it to do from a single website. Subscriptions to these apps allow you to take advantage of the benefits today without worrying about the expenses of software usability tomorrow.