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How to make money easy? Sell something crazy

The internet enabled people to freely buy or sell goods and services to different people all over the world. Although majority of the products and services one can see online are common things like design goods, household products, or electronics, others are a bit more outstanding. There are people who will go to extreme means to earn a few dollars. For example, back in 2007, when Britney Spears had a psychological crisis, the salon in which she turned her head bald tried to get rid of her hair online for a starting price of $1 million. Interestingly, real hair is now a real hit on Aliexpress and is very popular with western salons.
Most of the looney items are generally regarded as bad, unethical, or edgy. This is part of what makes these deals so fascinating. The two most popular Alibaba websites — Taobao and Tmall — are Chinese marketplaces. It is difficult to surf there if your Chinese is bad, but there’s also Aliexpress, an English site for sales between importers and exporters in more than 240 countries.
A lot of the products on here is crazy or weirdly titled (there are quite a few ordinary goods that are “intelligently” optimized for search engines had the word “hot” or “girl” in them). It can be very inspiring for people who just starting their affiliate web stores and try to choose some of the weirdest products to attract more buyers and earn more commissions!
Here is what we found:
A full-height fat Arnold Schwarzenegger statue

Amazing art pieces can also be found on Alibaba. One Chinese company  has a big catalogue of full-height silicone-wax famous people statues. It is unclear why they made the copy of Schwarzenegger fat and with no clothes on. It goes together with a gun, glasses, and realistic chest hair, and is sold for $16,800. The firm also makes nice copies of other famous people: Obama, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Osama bin Laden gear knob

Bad guys are obviously popular on Alibaba. Auto fanatics who are also interested in this symbol of terrorism will definitely go crazy when receive this gear knob in the form of the former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. However, if Nazism fits you better, you can also buy a starting order of 300 “Hitler party” moustaches.


“Funny Games Doody Head Hats”
If party moustaches are not your cup of tea, you might like these “doody head hats” more. They are not only fanciful and trendy, they also allow people to participate a fun game.
These Buddha-formed pears are sold just for $12 for a set.
What do you think of a worm-shaped train for 30 thousand dollars?
Too bad – the starting order on this beautiful mask is one thousand two hundred.
What is sold here? Apparently, only the leather. Good marketing technique here.
You can also buy living clam and rag worms.
The funniest thing about this big bad wolf apparel is the fact that the seller brushed out the woman’s mouth.
To be honest, it is still doubtful that these “inflatable walking on water shoes” will really help, but we hope they will. Good luck!
If you are more of a geek type, you may be interested in anti-flame costume that costs only $200.

Why would a Local Directory give you Better Results than an International Directory?

Do you find it difficult to gain attention online or are you struggling when it comes to gaining exposure? Advertising is considered as one of the marketing strategies used by some business owners online to promote their products and their services and to gain more customers. However in this world where competition is truly dominant, you should now do an efficient move to keep you moving in the market. Submitting your link in a web directory is the best thing that you can do, but what kind of web directory are you going to choose, local directory or international directory?

If you want to gain exposure, the use of either local or international directory is good but did you know that local directory will provide you better result than the international directory? Find out why.


Reasons why Local Directory is better than International Directory

There are many reasons why local directory is considered better than international directory. Some of these are as follows:

·            When it comes too cost effectiveness, you are rest assured that local directories will give that to you. Compared to other directories, the process of listing your links in this directory is far cheaper. The process of advertising your business will not enable you to consume much of your money just gain attention from your target customer. This is more cost effective compared to TV, radio or newspaper advertising or even in international directory.

·            Also, if you are going to ask about your status in the SEO or Search Engine Optimization, local directories can provide you the assurance that your links will be more valuable especially in increasing your rankings in search engine.

·            If you want to make sure that your business or link will be exposed and will be able appreciated by your target customer, local directory will ensure you that you will gain the exposure that you want.

Local directories will list your links or your business in the directory without the need to spend much. International directory can also help you in gaining exposure however as the name implies, it will be a bit difficult for you to achieve your goal since you will be competing with bigger online business. With international directory, you will be given the chance to choose from variety of web directories where you can really improve the visibility of your website however it will allow you to take more time and money to do it.

Gaining exposure, increasing visitors, traffic and sales can be done through proper way of advertising your business along with your products and services. You just have to make sure that you will find the directory that will meet your needs and expectations which turn leads you towards the improvement as well as success of your business. There are lots of web directories in the internet that will help you improve your visibility but upon choosing them, always make sure that it is reliable and can really help you. You will be able to meet and serve all your target customers through submitting your link in a best local directory.


Fingerprint time clocks

For as long as punch card time clocks have been around, businesses have lost an enormous amount of money because of employee abuse. The traditional punch card system of keeping track of how long an employee has worked can be easily manipulated, as many people are well aware. One of the biggest issues comes from what is known as buddy punching. This is when an employee who is already on the clock punches their friend’s time card, even though the person is not at work yet. This forces businesses to pay employees who are late to work, or who fail to show up, as if they had worked their entire shift. Needless to say, a business will not last long if it keeps paying employees who are not working. For decades, the punch card time clock remained virtually unchanged. However, modern technology has changed things. Here are some benefits of a biometric time clock.

1. Buddy punching is impossible

By using fingerprint time clocks, a business can immediately make buddy punching a thing of the past. Every employee will need to touch a scanner which will scan the person’s fingerprint. Obviously, by using something as personal as a fingerprint as the basis for punching in, an employee will not be able to punch in for his or her friends. This can save a business an enormous amount of money, with the savings starting as soon as the biometric time clock is installed.

2. Monitor your business from anywhere

Most biometric time clocks work in conjunction with computer program which allows business owners to log into their accounts and instantly see who is punched in and who has not shown up yet. This is valuable information because it enables the business owner to make immediate staffing decisions based on how many employees are there and what time of day it is. There is no need for the owner to call a manager and ask for this information. It will all be displayed on his or her computer.

3. Email or text updates

Another problem for business owners occurs when employees work overtime. For obvious reasons, most owners want to avoid this from happening at all costs. With a biometric time clock, a business owner can receive email or text updates regarding any employee who is about to go over the 40 hour threshold. This gives the owner enough time to tell the employee to punch out so overtime can be avoided.

Outsourcing your Payroll

For many businesses, processing payrolls can be time consuming and meticulous work. Besides, the professional effort required to contribute to payroll has to be diverted from the core business. In-house payroll processing can slow down business time. Omit a tax filing and you’re faced with a stiff fine. When faced with a choice of processing payrolls in-house or to outsource them, there’re a few considerations to be made.

Some small businesses with minimal tax changes might be better off doing the payrolls themselves. But the amount of time spent for this can be expensive. Outsourcing to professionals can save time and money. The IRS has also noted that one in three companies make mistakes in their filing because of the ever changing nature of tax regulations.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing

Focus on Your Business

Outsourcing helps free critical business time to concentrate on more essential activities like promotion and after sales service. Payroll can be so much of a monotonous task eating into productivity that among all activities to be outsourced, business advisors recommend payroll to be the first.

Reduce Costs

For a business to employ direct payroll personnel or even dedicate existing employees to work on payroll, the costs can go up several thousand for a small business. In the long run, hiring external professionals such as Guardian Accountants to do your payroll can work out to be considerably cheaper.

Expert Work

Government tax agencies, federal, state and local need to be paid properly. There’s no way around that. Any mistakes can cost dearly for already cash strapped small businesses. There are many changes happening regularly and it can be hard for a small company to keep track of each new requirement. To avoid penalties like the ATO, it would be best to hire professionals than to make do with the existing work force. On the other hand, an external payroll company dedicated to payroll services keeps themselves updated at all times, completing works professionally and on time.

Software Issues

Do you have the latest payroll software with all latest updates including recent tax tables installed in your systems? If you don’t, you will have to spend money and upgrade these systems before someone makes errors in financial reporting and cost your company a penalty. Upgrades and changes take place regularly. Can you afford to keep abreast of all latest updates? An outsourced company will always have the latest versions of payroll software with the most recent tax calculators.

Entrusting Payroll

Training personnel to handle payroll takes time and effort. If the payroll is handled by a single person, you could risk him jumping ship to another company especially during times when filings are due. All payroll knowledge walks out the door and your business will likely face multiple risks and fines. Payroll details are usually dealt with a certain amount of secrecy which when leaked to competitors could be detrimental to your business. Contracting a professional payroll company to handle the books takes care of this problem.

How to Choose a Payroll Provider?

The payroll providers must have very good customer service and understand deeply the workings of the client. They must be reputed in the market. Always ask for references of current clients and also take a look at their client database and find out how long companies have stuck with them. They must be able to help you in tight situations regarding tax matters and be there in times of emergency. Make sure the payroll company is bonded. This ensures that you will not suffer if case of financial mishandlings.

Questions to Ask Potential Payroll Providers:

  • What all services do you provide? Do you handle tax filing for multiple states?
  • How quickly can a payroll be re-done, if mistakes are found?
  • Do you cover fines on mistakes or delay in filing?
  • What are the recurring costs of hiring you?

The benefits of streaming data

 If you are like the majority homeowners, you have a home office and numerous computers that utilize the benefits of a streaming data. You also probably own multiple televisions and a home theater system with a complicated audio/visual design. These elaborate setups create the need for a convenient method of accessing the all of requisite data from different areas of your house, particularly if there are numerous users with multiple setting preferences living in your household. In these instances, matrix switch systems with multiple user interfaces can prove to be an extremely worthwhile investment. In fact, there are numerous advantages associated with installing matrix switches in your home. The three principal benefits include:

  • Easy Access. In general, a matrix switch system accommodates a connection that enables the transmission of data from various sources to multiple locations. Matrix switches assist in the transfer the data from one device to another immediately and without interruption. This quick transfer allows you to access information efficiently from any area of the home whenever you want. For instance, if you plan to view your favorite television program while your others want to catch up on the latest on-demand movie, there is no longer a need to negotiate. Accessing the data from televisions in separate rooms and appeases everyone. This level of convenience is highly beneficial to busy households.
  • No More Missed Opportunities. With the innovations accessible on various matrices, you no longer have to experience loss of important data. Matrix switches allow you to control via remote information that you need or want in different areas of your house. That means that you can stop, pause and play material as you desire. Matrix switch systems enhance the transferable properties of devices so that you can pause a program in one area of your home and resume it in another. Big households or family member who share a room find value in these features.
  • Simple to Control. Once the matrix switches are set up, they are considerably easy to manage. The remote control capabilities allow a simple process to access, play and share data. With the growth of technology in our current society, this is a fundamental feature. People enjoy new technology, and it is essential that it is uncomplicated and easy to understand. With remote control access, it is effortless for anyone to operate the device, from young children to older adults.

ATEN USA offers a variety of HDMI solutions that can provide the flexibility to add matrix switches to meet the requirements of any residential or home office HDMI installation. We enable you to combine your vision throughout your entire house or anywhere that you can benefit from high-quality HDMI installation. We specialize in connectivity solutions that enhance your technological experiences.

Online Jobs for the Moms that Can Work at Home

Telecommuting doesn’t need to be a fantasy. It’s a fantasy you can transform into a reality.

I know it can be truly difficult to independent the genuine telecommute opportunities from the scams. When you telecommute the regular subject is that you are in charge of paying your own charges (a boss won’t withhold them for you) and giving your own particular health protection and retirement plans.

Client Service Rep (Call Centers)

Numerous US based organizations, for example, American Express and Walgreens use virtual specialists to answer their inbound client administration calls. You will require great client administration abilities, a landline telephone, and a PC with rapid internet.

image for

Technical support Provider

Technical support suppliers cover a wide show of tech related client administration questions for clients. What’s more on the grounds that there are diverse aptitude sets required for distinctive sorts of technical support occupations, the pay can shift enormously.

Web index Evaluator

When you hunt down something in Google the web index tries to present to you the most precise results. Be that as it may in some cases they fail to understand the situation. That is the place web crawler evaluators come in.

Information Entry Worker

An information section specialist essentially inputs data for organizations into certain PC programs. In the event that you can sort moderately quick, have a PC and high internet speed you can land an information section position. In any case relying upon the sort of information passage you do, more particular aptitudes may be required.

General Transcriber/Transcriptionist

A transcriber or transcriptionist listens to sound recordings which could be anything from meetings, school addresses, or court hearings and sorts them into an archive.

Report Translator

Report interpreters interpret records starting with one dialect then onto the next. You’ll require a decent comprehension of the dialect you’re deciphering with the goal that you can pass on the importance of the first record in the interpreted report.

Online Tutor

Tutors have been helping understudies learn for quite a long time. Presently web tutoring has begun to take off. Internet tutoring empowers folks to effortlessly get help for their youngsters in a more adaptable manner than customary tutoring has permitted.

Magazine Writer

On the off chance that you have great written work abilities you can profit composing for magazines. Composing for magazines is a standout amongst the most lucrative manifestations of composing there is.

Independent Blogger

Independent bloggers procure not as much as magazine authors’ yet independent blogging can at present be a lucrative field. Independent blogging is essentially composition blog entries for different online journals and organizations.

Marketing specialist

Not at all like independent bloggers and magazine journalists who essentially compose to captivate or advise perusers, publicists concentrate on driving deals.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual partner is an online individual right hand. As a virtual partner there is a wide exhibit of obligations that your customer may request that you finish, contingent upon what business your customer is in. Probably the most well-known obligations virtual aides perform are online networking administration, email administration, email effort, planning of blog entries, discovering pictures, and altering.

Web Designer

In case you’re an inventive sort turning into a web designer may be suited to your abilities. Some individuals learn web outline by experimentation, while others learn web plan in school or by taking courses.

Web Developer

A web engineer fabricates websites starting from the earliest stage. This employment obliges an incredible learning of html and CSS and the capacity to compose code sans preparation. Web designers for the most part assemble and keep up high activity websites or create programming.


The tips from the Author who work for how many years in who has highest rate in terms of its effectiveness.  

A Look into the Complete List Of Pyramid Mysteries Around The World

Nowadays we are able to construct lofty skyscrapers, excavate underground tunnels such as metros; however, we do not have any indication as to why the pyramids were constructed by all the prehistoric civilizations. has good information about it.

Pyramids – its numbers and other facts  

In Egypt itself, you can find more than 100 pyramids. Up to the year 2008, 118 pyramids were discovered. However the pyramid numbers are constantly increasing. Scientists state that there are still a number of pyramids to be explored. Satellite pictures exhibit numerous pyramids in the Egyptian desert. At present, we believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest pyramid. However, there can even be a larger pyramid buried deep under the desert sand.

  • Pyramid of Giza as the largest known pyramid is about 2, 58 million m3. When this great pyramid was constructed more than 2 million stone blocks were utilized. A few scientists are of the firm belief that there can be the existence of an even more ancient civilization who would have constructed the great pyramid and would have taught the things to the Egyptians which they know at present. The Pyramid of Khafre is the 2nd biggest pyramid and is about 2.21 million cubic meters. The 3rd biggest is the 1, 8 million m3 Pyramid of Cholula.
  • The Curses of Mummy -Numerous mummy movies in the 1920s & 1030s were narrating dreadful tales of mummies that chases & troubles individuals. These movies were dependent on the real incidents and movies. People who tried to study the mummies were found to die once they discover the pyramid.
  • Egyptologist Douglas Murray expired due to a strange disease. Warning messages were found on the Pharaohs’ chamber walls. Initially, the Egyptologists do not give much significance to the warnings, however, when they started getting ill one by one, the entire globe started to panic the ancient Pharaohs’ curse. At present the reason for the death has been found. People who tried to uncover the pyramid died due to poisonous air, which was boxed inside the pyramid for more than 3000 years.

On the whole there still a good number of pyramids under the desert stands that need to be excavated and added to the complete list pyramid mysteries around world. For more fascinating facts, about the pyramids, visit


Ideas for Expanding the Number of People who see your Sign

Your sign is one of the most basic and necessary means of making your business known and reaching your market. As such, the biggest problem you can have with your signage is people not taking enough notice of it. This is simply a result of how people often go about their lives when on the strip or downtown – very often they don’t take notice of the things around them. This is especially true if there are a large number of other shops on your street. Consequently, it may be difficult to producing an sign that people will notice.

There are a few elements to consider to increase the visibility of your signage. Primarily, your sign needs to be attractive and eye-catching — but without the overuse of vibrance and color that can sometimes turn people off to your message. This tends to drive a difficult balance, but a creative mind and a willingness to experiment will quickly see your store’s signs start to attract an expanding number of customers — and a return on your investment.

The Sign’s Position

As one would expect, the placement of your signage will have a significant impact on how easily it can be seen. As a rule, the sign’s position should be central and elevated so as to get maximum exposure to casual observation from the ground. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so high up that it’s removed from the customer’s field of vision. The design of your signage may also impact its best placement. For example, if it’s listing your shop’s name, then the best place to position it is directly above the store’s entrance. Signs advertising special offers or services are best at ground level, where they can be more easily seen.

Your specific situation may offer unique challenges and opportunities. For example, if your store doesn’t afford a favourable position for a sign directly above the door, you will need to look at alternatives. Many shops, for example, make use of A-frame signs, overhead signs and signs glazed onto windows.  It’s also not unwise to experiment with placement over time, as you may find that some tweak may provide better results.

The Sign’s Design and Layout

Just as crucial to expanding the number of people who can see your sign is making the sign eye-catching — holding their attention. This means taking advantage of contrast and ensuring it reads as well up close as it does from a distance. Choosing a colour that stands out from the building itself is a good way to use contrast, and establish that eye-popping distinction.

Make sure that your sign is also large enough to be seen. Smaller signs may be easier to manage and take up less space, but they may also attract less notice or be difficult to read. While you can get around the challenges of having a small sign through careful positioning and taking advantage of certain signage like overheads, it’s best to use signage that is adequately sized to your message and visible from the street.

The type of sign design you use will also affect your potential intake of customers. Cartoonish, brightly coloured signs with chunky, bold lettering will give the impression of a casual, almost kiddy store and will attract customers looking for that sort of thing. If your store wants to attract more refined, adult customers, it may be an idea to revise your design to something a little more reserved. Services like those offered by Quality Sign Designer make it easy and cost-effective to design and refine your signs.

Also, keep in mind the sort of businesses and buildings surrounding you and take advantage of it. If you notice a trend amongst the signs for the competing stores along your street, then design your sign in a different direction. Doing so helps to make your store sign stand out more, and thus more readily attract interest and curiosity from people out on the street.

About the author:

Christian Mills is a freelance writer who comments on a number of issues from everyday life to the challenges of the modern business environment.

Stay Comfortable All Day at Work

When it comes to furnishing homes, purchase decisions often boil down to one thing: is this thing comfy? Of course, there are always the rare purchases that revolve around aesthetics over performance, but for everyday-type items like couches, recliners, or mattresses, they need to feel good or they won’t last long. It makes sense, as why would we want to be anything but our most comfortable, in the place we spend the most time – our home?

Why is it then, at the place we spend the second-most time – work – comfort is often a minor consideration?

For desk workers, the first step to comfort is all about the chair. If you’re stuck in front of a computer for hours at a time, the chair you sit in needs to be supportive, comfortable, and ergonomic. The way it positions your body is important, as is how it “fits” into your desk. If it’s comfortable but you can’t sit close enough to your desk to work comfortably, you’re throwing yourself out of alignment and will be feeling it when you get home.

Atop your desk, you’re likely typing and taping away all day. These small but repetitive movements can stress your arms, elbows, and wrists, particularly if you use a keyboard at a sharp incline. Padded cushions in front of your mouse and keyboard can relieve pressure.

Lastly, your general environment matters as well. Whether you want some photos, a favorite mug, or a little knick-knack, stuff that puts you at ease will keep you focused and better equipped to handle your day’s work.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for products to make your days and nights more comfortable. Whether you need a new seat cushion, keyboard pad, or lumbar support, you can find products to improve your daily life.