How to make money easy? Sell something crazy

The internet enabled people to freely buy or sell goods and services to different people all over the world. Although majority of the products and services one can see online are common things like design goods, household products, or electronics, others are a bit more outstanding. There are people who will go to extreme means to earn a few dollars. For example, back in 2007, when Britney Spears had a psychological crisis, the salon in which she turned her head bald tried to get rid of her hair online for a starting price of $1 million. Interestingly, real hair is now a real hit on Aliexpress and is very popular with western salons.
Most of the looney items are generally regarded as bad, unethical, or edgy. This is part of what makes these deals so fascinating. The two most popular Alibaba websites — Taobao and Tmall — are Chinese marketplaces. It is difficult to surf there if your Chinese is bad, but there’s also Aliexpress, an English site for sales between importers and exporters in more than 240 countries.
A lot of the products on here is crazy or weirdly titled (there are quite a few ordinary goods that are “intelligently” optimized for search engines had the word “hot” or “girl” in them). It can be very inspiring for people who just starting their affiliate web stores and try to choose some of the weirdest products to attract more buyers and earn more commissions!
Here is what we found:
A full-height fat Arnold Schwarzenegger statue

Amazing art pieces can also be found on Alibaba. One Chinese company  has a big catalogue of full-height silicone-wax famous people statues. It is unclear why they made the copy of Schwarzenegger fat and with no clothes on. It goes together with a gun, glasses, and realistic chest hair, and is sold for $16,800. The firm also makes nice copies of other famous people: Obama, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
Osama bin Laden gear knob

Bad guys are obviously popular on Alibaba. Auto fanatics who are also interested in this symbol of terrorism will definitely go crazy when receive this gear knob in the form of the former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. However, if Nazism fits you better, you can also buy a starting order of 300 “Hitler party” moustaches.


“Funny Games Doody Head Hats”
If party moustaches are not your cup of tea, you might like these “doody head hats” more. They are not only fanciful and trendy, they also allow people to participate a fun game.
These Buddha-formed pears are sold just for $12 for a set.
What do you think of a worm-shaped train for 30 thousand dollars?
Too bad – the starting order on this beautiful mask is one thousand two hundred.
What is sold here? Apparently, only the leather. Good marketing technique here.
You can also buy living clam and rag worms.
The funniest thing about this big bad wolf apparel is the fact that the seller brushed out the woman’s mouth.
To be honest, it is still doubtful that these “inflatable walking on water shoes” will really help, but we hope they will. Good luck!
If you are more of a geek type, you may be interested in anti-flame costume that costs only $200.