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What Is the Coverage of an Equine Liability Insurance Policy?

An equine liability insurance policy will protect you from claims by a third party. This type of insurance is typically more expensive than a commercial liability insurance policy. If you’re responsible for horses that you don’t own, you may want to consider Care, Custody, and Control (C3) coverage. A General Liability policy does not cover Non-owned horses, and you’ll need to consider that coverage if you’re responsible for their care.

Commercial Equine Liability (CEL) 

To protect yourself from potential third-party liability lawsuits, you should have commercial equine liability insurance. These policies cover a range of losses and damages resulting from negligence or acts of omission. To get the most coverage for your money, you should give your insurance company as much information about your operations—the more activities you conduct and the higher your income, the more potential claims you will face.

While standard farm owner or homeowner insurance does not cover equine business activities, commercial equine liability insurance can help you protect yourself from liability lawsuits. A commercial liability policy is available for coverage for liability imposed by third parties, including damages to a third party’s property. A commercial general liability policy also has an exclusion for property damage. This coverage kicks in if an insured horse is injured or damaged on your property.

It excludes equine business pursuits.

Equine Activity Law should be in place. These laws are usually posted in a prominent place, such as on a barn wall, and should include a waiver of liability for ordinary negligence and a covenant not to sue. There are also special requirements for a horse business, including zoning laws..

First of all, it’s essential to understand the limitations of a Homeowners Insurance policy. While a policy may include Personal Liability for a single horse, it will not cover your Commercial Equine pursuits. For example, giving riding lessons and renting out stables would fall under this category. In addition, Homeowner’s Insurance policies will not cover your business activities if they are done professionally. This is because you are running a business, and the risks are higher.

It is more expensive than commercial liability insurance.

Because equine liability claims are often costly, equine owners need to protect themselves from these lawsuits. While most states require workers’ compensation coverage for horse owners, some states don’t require equine liability insurance. Equine health care is a rapidly improving field, but the costs involved can be astronomical. It is in this context that liability insurance for equine businesses is crucial.

Equine liability insurance may be the best option for people who own horses but do not board them. While most homeowners’ insurance policies will cover accidents involving human riders, boarding a horse at a commercial stable can injure both the horse and the rider. Equine liability insurance will protect you in these situations and cost you less than you think. The average cost of equine liability insurance for up to four horses is around $250 a year. The annual fee for each additional horse is about $40 to $50.

It requires specific requirements.

To protect yourself and your horses from lawsuits, it is critical to have equine liability insurance. It covers defense costs and damages up to the policy limits. In addition, it covers legal liabilities. Here are some things you need to know about liability insurance for horses.

– Your policy must cover injuries and damages if your horse is injured or killed due to your negligence or inaction. Horse liability lawsuits can cost millions of dollars. In addition, some agents are hesitant to advise their clients on the level of coverage they need because they are afraid of their clients being sued for more than they purchased. You should consult a qualified attorney to learn more about your coverage options.

– You must provide documentation that proves the horse is your property. This includes a death certificate and an autopsy. Additionally, you must file a proof-of-loss statement within 60 days after purchasing your horse. This statement will consist of the purchase price and any detailing you have performed on it. However, it is imperative to secure these documents for your protection. However, this is easier said than done.

4 Start-Ups You Can Do From Home

Starting up a business is more of a dream than an achievable goal for many. However, what if someone told you that you could start up your own small business, right from the comfort of your own home? No need to worry about looking for office space, creating a business plan, or dealing with the same old workday stress! Below is the perfect list of businesses you can start from home.

Taxi Services

If you need a creative and easy idea for starting a business, this could be your ticket. With the growth of websites such as Uber and Lyft, taxi services have become more popular in recent times. You can start small by buying a used car and advertising yourself online as an on-call driver in your local area. Taxi services are also useful if you live in busy places like the city where public transportation is difficult to utilise. In time, you will be looking for a black cab for sale.

Where to advertise:

Start by setting up an advertisement on sites like Craigslist or Facebook. Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy driver, it’s time to move on to bigger things! Keep your costs low at first by using only one car and advertising only locally.

Floral Design & Gift Wrapping

You can open up a florist or gift shop to sell flowers, gifts, and other high-quality, handmade products.

It takes a lot of creativity to create a successful business selling only handmade goods. All you need is a little time and some skill to start your own florist business.

You do not have to be an expert at creating gifts and flowers to be able to take advantage of this industry. Try creating small items for special events or holidays, such as baby showers or weddings. You can also sell special items made from recycled materials like glass bottles and tin cans.

Home-Based Beauty Boutique

Try opening up a beauty boutique from home. First, ask your friends and neighbors whether they would be interested in having you do their hair or nails at home. If they agree, then you can begin to advertise your services online, or through flyers or local newspapers.

If you already have some experience in beauty, then think about opening your own salon that makes house calls.

Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of people who don’t have enough time to take care of all the things they want to do. If you’re an independent person who enjoys helping people take care of their personal or business needs, then you can open up your own virtual assistant business.

You can find new clients by posting flyers around town, running an ad in your local newspaper, and using online sources to let people know about your services. Start small by offering administrative help and typing services, then, as you get more experience and confidence with each client, you can expand your business further.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started with this exciting new business opportunity. Just remember, if you have the desire to start a business and make it successful, you can do it!


Courier Fleet Insurance in the UK

Some of us have their small businesses and some of us use vans on a regular basis for courier services. Indeed, the popularity of such services has grown very much over the last couple of years and during the years to come we should see the number growing even more. Van fleet insurance can cover vans for business usage or courier usage. Business usage is when the van is use as part of your business, for example a plumber. If you are using vans for hire and reward, you will need to look into courier fleet insurance options. Most providers of courier fleet insurance including Multiquotetime offer a comparative service to help you find the best deal.

When you own a fleet of vans you want them to be insured against anything bad that can happen on the road: accidents, theft, or even damage resulting from bad weather, which can happen in the UK rather often.  If this is what you are after then you will be looking at Courier Fleet Insurance that is absolutely essential for any business like that.

If you have ever tried to look for this type of insurance then you know by now that not all insurance companies offer this type of insurance and even if they do it still does not have to mean that you are going to get a good deal on it anyway. The best piece of advice I would be willing to offer to you is to check those reliable companies such as the one I mentioned above.

As it is with all type of insurance policies you might be tempted to avoid buying such policies. If this is the case, you might want to think how expensive it would be to pay yourself for all the costs of any damage that could happen to any of your vans such as theft or accident. This is something that you definitely want to avoid. Of course, an accident or theft might never happen to you if you are lucky, but these are the things that you usually cannot control yourself especially if you aren’t the one driving the van. Even if you are a very careful and responsible driver it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that all the drivers employed by you are like this as well.