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A Look into the Complete List Of Pyramid Mysteries Around The World

Nowadays we are able to construct lofty skyscrapers, excavate underground tunnels such as metros; however, we do not have any indication as to why the pyramids were constructed by all the prehistoric civilizations. Allclip.net has good information about it.

Pyramids – its numbers and other facts  

In Egypt itself, you can find more than 100 pyramids. Up to the year 2008, 118 pyramids were discovered. However the pyramid numbers are constantly increasing. Scientists state that there are still a number of pyramids to be explored. Satellite pictures exhibit numerous pyramids in the Egyptian desert. At present, we believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest pyramid. However, there can even be a larger pyramid buried deep under the desert sand.

  • Pyramid of Giza as the largest known pyramid is about 2, 58 million m3. When this great pyramid was constructed more than 2 million stone blocks were utilized. A few scientists are of the firm belief that there can be the existence of an even more ancient civilization who would have constructed the great pyramid and would have taught the things to the Egyptians which they know at present. The Pyramid of Khafre is the 2nd biggest pyramid and is about 2.21 million cubic meters. The 3rd biggest is the 1, 8 million m3 Pyramid of Cholula.
  • The Curses of Mummy -Numerous mummy movies in the 1920s & 1030s were narrating dreadful tales of mummies that chases & troubles individuals. These movies were dependent on the real incidents and movies. People who tried to study the mummies were found to die once they discover the pyramid.
  • Egyptologist Douglas Murray expired due to a strange disease. Warning messages were found on the Pharaohs’ chamber walls. Initially, the Egyptologists do not give much significance to the warnings, however, when they started getting ill one by one, the entire globe started to panic the ancient Pharaohs’ curse. At present the reason for the death has been found. People who tried to uncover the pyramid died due to poisonous air, which was boxed inside the pyramid for more than 3000 years.

On the whole there still a good number of pyramids under the desert stands that need to be excavated and added to the complete list pyramid mysteries around world. For more fascinating facts, about the pyramids, visit http://www.allclip.net/complete-list-pyramid-mysteries-around-world/