Fingerprint time clocks

For as long as punch card time clocks have been around, businesses have lost an enormous amount of money because of employee abuse. The traditional punch card system of keeping track of how long an employee has worked can be easily manipulated, as many people are well aware. One of the biggest issues comes from what is known as buddy punching. This is when an employee who is already on the clock punches their friend’s time card, even though the person is not at work yet. This forces businesses to pay employees who are late to work, or who fail to show up, as if they had worked their entire shift. Needless to say, a business will not last long if it keeps paying employees who are not working. For decades, the punch card time clock remained virtually unchanged. However, modern technology has changed things. Here are some benefits of a biometric time clock.

1. Buddy punching is impossible

By using fingerprint time clocks, a business can immediately make buddy punching a thing of the past. Every employee will need to touch a scanner which will scan the person’s fingerprint. Obviously, by using something as personal as a fingerprint as the basis for punching in, an employee will not be able to punch in for his or her friends. This can save a business an enormous amount of money, with the savings starting as soon as the biometric time clock is installed.

2. Monitor your business from anywhere

Most biometric time clocks work in conjunction with computer program which allows business owners to log into their accounts and instantly see who is punched in and who has not shown up yet. This is valuable information because it enables the business owner to make immediate staffing decisions based on how many employees are there and what time of day it is. There is no need for the owner to call a manager and ask for this information. It will all be displayed on his or her computer.

3. Email or text updates

Another problem for business owners occurs when employees work overtime. For obvious reasons, most owners want to avoid this from happening at all costs. With a biometric time clock, a business owner can receive email or text updates regarding any employee who is about to go over the 40 hour threshold. This gives the owner enough time to tell the employee to punch out so overtime can be avoided.