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Why You Should Clip Coupons

You would think that stores would just offer discounts and make down their products to promote them directly, but that is not always the case.

I spoke with a representative at Walgreens and asked why they make customers actually download the app to get the coupons rather than just marking them down in store. The first reason? Manufacturers often won’t allow stores to mark down their products. The second is that Walgreens for example, wants customers to interact with the product more and actually take the effort to clip the coupon.

When it comes down to it, coupons are a form of advertising for companies. The art of clipping, downloading, or seeking out a coupon is a way to build a relationship with a brand. While plenty of companies do just mark down their products, it is becoming more common to not directly offer the coupon, but rather have customers download an app, or clip them from a newspaper ad.

How To Maximize Coupon Savings
We follow a site such as “Coupons By Mail” which has given us plenty of tips about which offers are available. They only recently posted an offer in which tombstone pizza is giving away $1 off just by contacting them in their chat support!

We also recommend always downloading the app of the stores you shop at. Joann fabrics for example gives away better savings, but only if you download their app and claim the coupon in the coupon section of the app.

Best Ways to Find a Good Law Firm

There will most likely come a day when you will need to start looking for a law firm because of a legal issue you have become entangled with. This will be one of the most important things you do in your life. This is especially true if the legal situation you are in is quite serious. There are many law firms you could entrust with your legal representation. However, you need to be very careful during the selection process. Do not assume that most of the law firms in your area will be able to give you the same level of legal representation. This is not the case. There are some law firms that have lawyers who will be much more qualified to take your case. Here are a few things that you should seriously take into consideration when it is time for you to determine the law firm you will hire.

1. The law firm you hire should have been in business for many years.

You need to make sure that the law firm that is representing you has a very long track record of excellence. Stay away from any law firms that were just recently established. Law firms that have been in business for at least 10 years have been giving very good legal counsel to many clients over that span of time. Otherwise, they would never be able to stay in business for that many years. Therefore, you should narrow down your search to law firms that have been a part of your local community for a very long time. You can feel confident that you will be represented well in court if you hire one of these law firms.

2. Make sure that the law firm specializes in your type of case.

There are many different areas of the law. Law firms will usually handle several different types of cases. You need to be certain that the law firm has dealt with dozens of cases that are very similar to the one you require assistance with. For example, Macgillivray Injury and Law Firm specializes in personal injury lawsuits.

3. How successful has the law firm been in the past?

The length of time the law firm has been in business is not the only info you will need to research. You need to know that the law firm you hire has won the vast majority of cases that they have been involved with. Most law firms will not mention their failures on their website. You will also not find any information regarding how many cases the law firm has won and lost during its history. Therefore, it will be up to you to find out this info on your own. Most of the info will be a matter of public record. You will need to do some digging. However, you should be able to eventually find what you need. The one exception will be cases that are settled out of court. These cases have the settlements sealed and are not able to be accessed without a court order.

4. Schedule a consultation with various law firms so you can hear how they will handle your case if you decide to hire them.

You will need to meet with a lawyer from each law firm you are interested in hiring. You should never hire a law firm based on what you read on a website. You need to hear the law firm’s pitch. Meeting representatives from the law firm will allow you to hear their plans for your case. You will be able to hear their strategy. Will they be hiring expert witnesses to testify on your behalf? Will they need to hire a private investigator to find out additional info? You can also ask any questions you have.

5. How can you arrange payment?

You should also discuss how much the law firm will charge for their services during your consultation. How do they expect to be paid? Will they be demanding money up front? Will they agree to be paid on a contingency basis? Talk to many law firms so you can compare the rates they will charge.

How to Choose the Best Type of Loan

If you need a substantial amount of money and you do not have it in a savings account, you may need to take out a loan. There are many types of loans and ways to get them, but how to know which is your best option? For example, you may not meet the lending standards of your bank or a conventional lending institution and need to find another option. There are other options such as Tribecca Finance Corporation that provide financial assistance to people who may be in financial difficulties and are not able to get back on their financial feet through traditional channels. You may be able to find a lender who looks more closely at your unique situation and offers a solution customized to your financial needs. Here are some of the most common types of loans available:

Personal Loan

Personal loans are unsecured loans. This means they are not supported by collateral. Your credit score will be the basis on which a lender decides if you are a good risk for a personal loan. The interest rates are usually lower for a secured loan than on an unsecured loan because the risk is lower for the lender. If you would like to get a personal loan, it is recommended to pay it off as quickly as you can. Unlike credit cards that are revolving loans with no fixed payment terms and usually a fluctuating interest rate, a personal loan will have a fixed payment term and a fixed interest rate. The terms are often between two and five years. Before signing on the dotted line, make sure the loan is a fixed-rate agreement. Most personal loans are, but there also exceptions.

Home Equity Loan

If you own a home and have paid off some of your mortgage, you have built equity or stored value in your home. You can borrow against this value to finance major expenses such as college tuition, a wedding or unexpected medical bills. A type of second mortgage, a home equity loan may give you the chance to lower your interest rate and monthly payments on your home. Another use for a home equity loan is home improvement. You can upgrade your home, add a room or renovate the kitchen and add value to the property. When it comes time to sell your home, you will be able to get a higher price than before the renovations. In this way, a home equity loan actually adds to your wealth. The main benefits of a home equity loan are:

• A lower interest rate than you are currently paying on your mortgage
• An easier qualification process even if you have a bad credit rating because the risk is lower for lenders
• You can usually get a large amount of money depending on the equity in your home
• You may qualify for tax benefits

Construction Loan

A construction loan may be a short-term loan for constructing or rehabilitating a home. Construction loans usually have higher interest rates than mortgages used to buy a new home. However, they are useful if you want to renovate an old house and sell it for more than you paid. If you plan ahead, you may be able to pay off your construction loan and make a profit on your investment. Construction loans are usually given as advances as the construction progresses. You may not start repaying the loan for six months to two years after you get it. The balance can usually be paid in one lump sum. In some cases, when construction a new home, the construction loan may convert into a conventional mortgage loan. The options available to you will depend on your credit history, the time you apply for the loan and on your lender.

If you need financial assistance but are afraid to go into debt by taking out a loan, you may want to think again. There are lenders who care about your unique financial situation and will provide a loan that fits with your finances and lifestyle. You may be able to get the money you need without putting a strain on your already tight finances.

Five Things To Do After A Sewage Backup

Residential flooding is more than a mere inconvenience. This is especially true when this water is the result of a sewage backup. Rather than attempting to identify and resolve the underlying problem yourself, you need to take immediate action to protect all residents and pets. These events can introduce a vast range dangerous microorganisms into your abode. They can also set the stage for pervasive mold and mildew growth. If you’re careful to take the five, following steps, however, you can minimize your losses and limit property damages.

1. Turn Off The Power Supply

Standing bodies of water and active electricity are a recipe for disaster. As such, you’ll want to turn off the power immediately after a backup or other flood event has occurred. Once all standing bodies of water have been extracted, you can safely turn the utilities back on. If you’re unable to access a shutoff valve due to standing water, physical obstructions, or other issues, reach out to your utility services provider instead. This company will dispatch a technician who can come in and shut the electricity off on your behalf.

2. Clean Yourself, Your Pets, And Any Other People Within The Vicinity

Don’t waste any time getting out of your wet clothes. If you’ve gotten raw sewage on your pants, your socks, or your shoes, take these items off immediately and wash your skin with warm, soapy water. You also want to do the same for any cats or dogs that were in the are when the backup occurred. The water that enters your home during a sewage backup is known as black water. This is the most toxic type of water that people can encounter. If it gets into an open cut, in the eyes, or near the mouth, serious infections can ensue. Keep in mind, however, that until you identify the source of your plumbing problem, you’ll want to avoid taking baths and showers in your own home. You should also turn off all running water to avoid overwhelming your drains.

3. Take Photos

Although it’s going to take time to restore a sense of normalcy to your home, getting clean and making sure that everyone is okay will definitely put you on the right track. The next step in these efforts is to start documenting the damages that have occurred. Without re-exposing yourself to the flood waters, take a minute to snap several photos of the affected area. Your insurer may need to refer to these images when processing your claim, especially if any high-value items have been damaged as the result of this event.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

These events should be reported to your insurance company right away. You should also note that your provider will likely have a number of specific steps for you to take in order to mitigate damages and get the water damage remediation process underway. With most policies, homeowners are able to get advance payments on their claim monies. These are funds that they can use to secure alternative lodging when their properties have been rendered temporarily uninhabitable. They’ll also cover all reasonable dining costs until it’s again possible to prepare food at home.

5. Clear A Path For Your Restoration Company

There are several things that your water damage restoration company will need you to do in order to help them expedite their work. Foremost among these is making sure that the utilities have been shut off. The second is to create a clear path that they can use to both enter the home and bring their equipment with them. You’ll want to free up any parking spaces that are adjacent to the building structure. You should additionally move any toys, patio furnishings, or other items that will prevent them from safely carrying their extraction and drying equipment into the unit.

A sewage back up has the potential to disrupt your entire life. After these events, homeowners have approximately 48 hours to have their properties dried, disinfected and deodorized before issues with mold and mildew rear their heads. Fortunately, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure that all building residents are safe, and that licensed restoration companies have the best ability to enter the unit and start putting things aright.

Storing Toys

For a lot of us the toys are children used to play with have sentimental value. Very often, just giving those things away might not be an option as they are usually lots of fond memories associated with most of our toys. What is more, we might not want to get rid of the toys if we know that we might have a child in the future, or when we might want to keep some of the toys for our grandchildren so that they have a chance to know with what toys their own parents used to play with. If storing the toys in your homer is not an option, consider hiring a storage unit. Here are a few options to ensure that you know how to store your toys in a self storage unit for future use:
1. Everything that has wiring in it, and many of the toys these days have some sort of electronic components in them, required a climate-controlled storage unit. This type of devices are subject to corrosion if they are left not in the right place.
2. Consider sorting the toys by type or at least doing so by age. If you will want to have access to them later, you might want to know how to look for each and separate toy. Staying organized is definitely the way to go to ensure that you find it easier at a later date.
3. Remove batteries from the toys that you are planning not to use for a while. This way you will ensure that your Woody toy won’t be singing the same song over and over again stuck under some pillows or other plush toys.
4. If you want to store plastic or toys that have electronic components in them, put some softer toys in between. This way you will avoid all the unnecessary dents as well as other type of damage that can be detrimental to your toys.
5. Labeling the boxes with toys might be just another trick that will come in handy and will allow you to stay organized. This way you will know exactly where you store which toys.

Here’s what to do with your old Christmas tree next year

The number of people opting to decorate their homes with a real Christmas tree in December is on the rise. The whole process is delightfully festive, from picking the tree and placing it carefully in its temporary home to decorating with tinsel and baubles. However, in January, it’s time to say goodbye to the centerpiece of Christmas but it’s such a shame to throw it out with the old wrapping paper and leftovers that couldn’t be finished. So here are some ideas on what to do with your tree when the time comes.

Before doing anything with your tree, be sure to completely strip it of tinsel, baubles, lights, chocolates, angels, stars and all other decoration you excitedly stuck to it.

If you have an open fire or wood burner, resist the urge to use your old tree as firewood. The dried pine needles can burn extremely quickly which could cause sparks. Couple that with the very dry Christmas tree wood and the fire can very quickly become uncontrollable. Stay safe and stick to specialist firewood suppliers for wood fuel.


Local councils, garden centres and communities make it extremely easy to recycle your old tree where they’re shredded down into chippings for use in parks etc. Recycle Now has all of the information you need to recycle your Christmas tree.


Replanting your tree is a nice option if you have the space and obviously if the tree is still live – that is, if the root of the tree is still in tact. If you want to do this, it’s important to plan ahead a little and make sure that the root of the tree is kept damp by regularly watering it. As difficult as this might be, try to keep the tree away from heat sources as well.

Once replanted, make sure it’s well watered and feel free to redecorate with outdoor ornaments!


An old Christmas tree is a fantastic blank canvas that can be turned into many different things. The wood can be finely chopped and then treated to make coasters or line a flower bed. The pine needles can be mixed with seasonal berries and scents to make potpourri. Or how about a birdhouse? Stand the tree in your garden and hang bird food to attract a range of different birds.

Let us know what you do with your tree when the festivities are over using #bornagainxmastree

A Guide to Selling Your Business

If you have ever tried to sell your business, you probably know by now that doing so is more than just a financial transaction as there are many things that need to be put in place prior to having a company appear on the market ready for its sale. If you want to be #SellSavvy, you will want to know everything there is to know about selling a business, and one of the best places to get started is to visit

Many people have an impression that only those businesses that are not profitable are put on the market for sale. This is only true in some cases, and as a matter of fact most businesses are for sale for one of the following reasons:
1. Moving to a new venture is probably one of the most popular reasons. People change what they do all the time. Some business owners realise that they might be happier pursuing another career path, and there is nothing wrong with that.
2. Retiring from work is just another valid reason a person might have to sell his or her business hoping that it will be in good hands.
3. Cashing in on their capital is again a good reason to sell their business. Somebody might want to sell a business if they have made enough money to be able to buy something they have always wanted. Again, this is a good reason to put a company on the market.

Even if you plan to sell your business, it doesn’t have to mean that you shouldn’t care about it anymore. Until the day it becomes someone else’s business continue nurturing it and caring about it. It will pay off in the long run to do so as you will be able to get a better price thanks to this.

Below you will find very interesting infographic that highlights the main points that should be taken care of it while attempting to sell a business. You mighty want to familiarise yourself with it before making that final move.

Is UK VAT registration important for you?

Introduction to UK VAT registration

Value Added Tax (commonly known as VAT) is a tax system applied to VAT registered businesses in the UK. This specific tax is applied to most of the goods and services available in the modern-day market. In addition to that, VAT is applicable to the goods and services that are imported from other countries to the UK. The companies that are registered for VAT can reclaim the VAT amounts charged on them when purchasing goods or services. In other words, you are not entitled to reclaim VAT charged to you if you are not VAT registered business. Once a business has completed its UK VAT registration, it can be considered as a mini tax collector too.

Why it is necessary to consider UK VAT registration

You will HAVE TO register for VAT;

  • If you are a business based in the UK and you exceed the VAT registration threshold for a duration of 12 months (consecutively), UK VAT registration is mandatory for you. This threshold updates every year and as per the latest update (implemented on 1 April 2017), the VAT registration threshold is £85,000.
  • In addition to that, you may have registered for VAT if you take over an exciting VAT-registered business. However, this obligation is applicable only when the business you purchase has reached the VAT threshold (during the past 12 months).
  • You will be forced to go for UK VAT registration if your business involves trading outside of the UK.

The businesses that fail to register for VAT will have to pay a late registration fee probably with a failure- to-notify penalty. On top of that, an interest and a surcharge will be applied. However, if you notice a temporary hype in your revenue and reach or exceed the threshold, you may consider asking for an exemption (through HMRC).

You can register for VAT voluntarily

You can consider registering your business for VAT even when it hasn’t reached VAT threshold. This is called voluntary registration. Usually, businesses go for voluntary registration due to a couple of key reasons.

  • VAT registration adds credibility

Other companies and customers prefer to deal with VAT registered companies. In fact, a VAT registration is a sign of credibility; a business can appear to be bigger with a VAT registration.

  • Ability to Reclaim VAT

Once you are registered for VAT, you are obviously eligible to reclaim the VAT charged on you when making the purchases.

Overall, it is much better to stay as a VAT registered business. Although most of the entities can register for VAT without much trouble, certain instances may prevent a business from registering. For instance, if a particular entity is not recognizable by the HMRC as a legitimate business, it cannot register for VAT. In addition to that, if you are a business that sells tax-exempted goods or services only, you will not be able to register for VAT. The bottom line is, however, UK VAT registration is important for any legitimate business.

5 ways to successfully market your SME

In today’s world, a growing number of working professionals decide to leave their typical 5-9 jobs and take matters into their own hands, starting their own companies, whether as freelancers or a limited company. In fact, statistics show that there are over 5.5 million registered businesses in the private sector. If you happen to be one of these people, regardless of the business sector you decide to conquer, marketing your new company is one of the most important factors, which can directly influence your chances for success.  Approaching new, potential clients is definitely an exciting stage in any business life cycle, however, it is often much easier said than done. Within marketing itself, there are many aspects, which can not only increase the number of people who will see your message, but also influence their behaviour as consumers, consequently turning them into your customers. The good news is, in the digital era, marketing can be accessible and inexpensive even for locally based SMEs. Here are some ways in which even a small company can successfully market themselves to a wider, and in some cases international, audience.

  1. Social media marketing

If used correctly, social media can be an extremely powerful marketing tool in the hands of a business owner. By growing a following on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to market your products or services and share your company’s message directly with the people who are already enthusiastic about your brand. Additionally, if you manage to create captivating content, such as videos, other visual material (images, Infographics) or even interesting and informative blog articles, which are able to capture their attention and make them want to be associated with your brand, by word of mouth, your digital presence and following will continue to grow, strengthening your brand image.

  1. Search engines

Search engines, such as Google, are truly fantastic tools where rather than you searching for new customers, roles change and so the potential customers are searching for you instead. By creating informative and high quality content, which the reader will find valuable, your website will be visible to the potential clients. By being visible on search engines you are more approachable in the market, and so people visiting your website from organic search will already be interested in your services and therefore very likely to convert into customers.

  1. Translation of your website

In today’s globalising world, it is easier than ever for businesses to successfully approach foreign markets. With the growth of technology and now widely available internet, even locally based SMEs can trade with overseas customers and partners. Nevertheless, before approaching foreign customers, it is important to look at some statistics. According to a study conducted by the Common Sense Advisory, 72.4% of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language and 9 out of 10 people, when given the choice, always browses websites in their native language.  As you can see, although potential in the overseas markets is great, approaching them must be done correctly. Consequently, one of the most important factors which can influence whether your company will be successful abroad is the professional translation of your website and providing information about your products/services in the market’s native language. One of the most popular ways to go about website translation is working with an agency which specialises in such services. A senior project manager working for Translation Services 24, one of the leading translation agencies based in London and specialising in providing website translation services said that “The growth in number of UK based SMEs approaching foreign markets and needing their websites translated is clear to see. Interestingly, in 2017 we can see an increase in companies approaching not only the European markets, but also Asian and African sectors.”


  1. Website localisation

Translating your website is an extremely important step in approaching foreign markets and being able to present yourself to new, potential customers, nevertheless, in some cases it is also vital not only to translate your website’s content, but also to localise it carefully. Website localisation requires an in-depth language knowledge, but also knowledge about the country’s culture and customs. By localising your website, you will ensure that your content is fully appropriate for the audience you are addressing. Social, cultural, political or even economic factors can influence whether certain material is suitable or not for your chosen market. You can find good examples of different approaches and how localisation can impact a business here.

  1. Email Marketing

For many, many years’ experts claim that the end of direct email marketing is near, and yet, it continues to be an important channel of the digital marketing wheel. By gathering information about your potential customers, such as their email address, name, position within the company and approaching them via email, you will be able to deliver a message directly to the people who are interested in your brand and the services you provide. Email marketing is a fairly inexpensive tool which can generate fantastic business leads if conducted correctly.

As you can see, marketing a business, even one from the SME sector, can be extremely beneficial if planned and conducted correctly. From translating your website and content to growing social followers and being visible to your potential customers through search engines, there ways in which you can market your company are extensive. With the growth and developments in technology and now widely available internet, small and medium sized companies can find inexpensive ways in which they can approach customers, based in all corners of the world, something even 10 or 15 years ago sounded like a fantasy.

Focusing on Fresh Styles: 5 Ways to Promote Sales Conversion on Your Dated Stock and Make Room for Newer Items

Even businesses with the best inventory tracking software or supply-chain management system reach a point where they have old, excessive or undesirable stock. While many companies opt to use liquidators, that method is never practical when you want to net more than just pennies on the dollar.

So, what do you do when you find your store overflowing with last season’s goods? The key is to sell them without making losses. Below are five effective tips and tricks to get rid of dead stock, create room for new products and even return a profit.

1. Sales and discounts

Regardless of your type of business, your first step to disposing of excessive stock should be to put it on sale. Everyone loves a good discount so, find out the smallest profit margin you can live with, and slap discounted price tags on the items. If you’re putting high quantities of a product on sale, placing all of them in dumpbins at the entrance of your store can encourage customers to sift through and pick up multiple items at a time, while freeing up your shelves for new inventory.

2. Creating an urgency

One of the simplest ways of boosting the sale of your dated stock is to let your customers know you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Urgency tactics like advertising the items as limited in supply, placing a time limit on discounts or just using time-related words like “Now, Fast, or Hurry” will entice your customers to buy your products as fast as you want to dispose of them.

3. Bundling products

Selling related items in a bundle is another clear-cut way of offloading dead stock. If your dated inventory consists of air fresheners, for example, you can create a bundle with a brand of detergent for an enticing price. Bundled goods help to get rid of more than one item at once while keeping the customers happy that they’re buying your products for a bargain.

4. Flashing coupons

Flashing deals and discount coupons on your website and social platforms is a sure way of getting your dated stock off the shelves. This way, customers that visit your page will get attracted to those coupons first, even if they were interested in a different product. Let them know the moment they land on your site that you are offering free or discount coupons on select items, which they can redeem when they visit your store, and you will automatically increase your chances of clearing off dead inventory in time for the new season.

5. Listing on marketplaces

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, are great for selling off excess stock because they enable retailers to list their inventory on a platform that already has an audience. Craigslist is particularly preferred among merchants because, unlike Amazon and eBay, all listings, new or used, are free to post. Moreover, Craigslist doesn’t charge a commission on the sales you make.

You may also want to consider sending your excess inventory to price comparison websites like Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, and PriceGrabber, which will ensure your items receive ample visibility.


Promoting the sale of dated stock can be a challenge, especially when you’re rushing to make space for newer items. With the tips above, however, you can successfully get rid of your old products and possibly avoid losses.