15 Ways to Earn Money From Home

Have you ever wanted to earn a little extra cash from your couch? Maybe you‘re a young professional working to pay off student debt or a stay at home parent who would love to bring in a little extra income. No matter your situation, there are plenty of ways to earn extra money from home. Let’s look at 15 examples.

1. Protect Your Existing Funds

First of all, while you are working to bring in extra income, save your future finances by making sure they’re protected. Income protection insurance will provide you with peace of mind if there is ever a time when you cannot work. Beyond sick pay or disability benefits, income protection insurance helps give you monthly benefits and eliminates the waiting period of unemployment applications. You can compare income protection insurance with iSelect and decide how this insurance policy can help guarantee you earn money no matter what life throws at you.

2. Surveys

Several online organizations will pay you to take surveys and provide feedback for their products. Be careful that you are using reputable sources. If you are forced to pay an upfront fee, that is a red flag. Check out some sites like Survey Savvy or My Survey to earn up to $100 a week in cash and gift cards.

3. Content Writing                                             

Perhaps you have expertise in writing. Companies require strong writers to develop the content for their website. If you have a way with words, you can help spice up their websites and print literature.

4. Editing

Perhaps writing is not your strong suit, but you have an eye for detail and proofreading. You can also work for companies catching those small details. While people focus on the big picture ideas, you can make some extra cash catching their mistakes.

5. Blogging

Beyond writing for other people, you have opinions and expertise of your own. Write about it in your own blog! In this digital world, the blogging community is growing tremendously. You can get paid to share your thoughts and opinions while cultivating an online community where you share ideas and inspirations.

6. Search for Unclaimed Money

An easy way to earn more money is to simply search and see if you’re owed any. Maybe you have an old PayPal account you haven’t checked in years or you have security deposits that were never paid back to you. Sometimes even the federal government has kept some income from you. You can find unclaimed money through a simple web search. You may be surprised at the extra income that you are the rightful owner of that you can automatically drop into your bank account.

7. Tutoring

Another great way to make money at home is through online tutoring. This is especially great if you feel like you have expertise that you aren’t getting to utilize in your daily life. By tutoring online, you get to help others and exercise your brain in different creative ways.

8. Teaching Internationally

Speaking of teaching, there are many opportunities beyond your own borders. You can get paid to teach kids around the world how to speak English. The only qualification you need is to be an English speaker yourself. Due to time differences, a lot of these teaching times are in the early morning or the evening, so you can fit them into your already busy schedule.

9. Telemarketing

Another job for people with great communication skills is telemarketing. Many companies outsource their cold calls. So if you are outgoing and enjoy talking to different people throughout your day, maybe telemarketing is for you. These jobs typically pay by the hour, so the flexibility is great for people working from home.

10. Airbnb Host

Speaking of your home, have you ever thought about making money by actually using your home? There are plenty of ways to rent your space. Airbnb now allows you to rent rooms in your home and make a profit off of it. This is another great job for extroverts who jump at the chance to meet new people from around the world.

11. Gaming

There has been a boom in online gaming in the past years. If you have the skills and can find a following of dedicated gamers, you can get paid for streaming your online gameplay. How cool is that?

12. Sell Old Notes

In addition to selling your skills and expertise, you can sell other items that may be collecting dust. Have you ever looked back at your college notes? Chances are, if you still have digital copies, you may be able to sell them to current college students. You’re helping the next generation while also making some extra cash.

13. Sell Your Art

Old notes aren’t the only thing for sale—your creativity can be for sale, too. With the emergence of online sites like Etsy, selling art is easier than ever. You can even create custom pieces for people all over the world and charge money to make beautiful things.

14. Social Media Influencer

In today’s environment, some social media influencers are making six figures a year just by posting pictures on Instagram. You don’t have to have a million followers to make some income in this way. Check out Pay Per Tweet programs or YouTube collaborations. With so many social media platforms, there are just as many ways to make money.

15. Pet Sitter

Last, but certainly the cutest, you can make money pet sitting at your home. Allow a new furry friend into your house for a few hours or a few days. You make money by taking care of the animals, and you also get to spend time with a furry friend. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Overall, there are many ways to make extra income from your home. Stay alert and watch out for scams, but also enjoy the creativity and flexibility of making that extra income.