3 Ways to Make your Promotional T-Shirts Work

Marketing noise is everywhere — online ads, commercials on television and bus posters. But with all of the ways to market a product, how can a company find the best way to directly connect with a customer for longer than a quick glance? One of the most effective and handy ways to do so is by offering promotional T-shirts. Whether the shirt will be worn around the home or out on the town, this is one of the most beneficial ways for a consumer to remember your product. Here are three marketing tips to help your promotional T-shirts stand out for your Australian business.

1. On top of being eco-friendly and helping to cut down on textile waste, a quality T-shirt that’s durable for several washes will also keep the shirt on the customer longer. Of course the more durable the material the more likely it is to be costly for a bulk deal. However, it’s up to the company to decide what matters more: save money on a promo T-shirt that’ll lead to free advertising or spend a bit more for more consumer marketing.

2. Less is more, and it’s not necessary for your company’s marketing apparel to look like a billboard to leave an impression. To make the shirt memorable, stick to humorous, catchy or cute messages. Cool artwork also does the trick. Fashion is a matter of opinion, and sometimes loud brand names and stamped shirts are what the consumer wants. However, it’s best to be on the safe side if you’re unsure. Stay neutral but drive your point home with your company’s apparel. Make sure the design stands out enough to notice the company but not so much that it overpowers the rest of the outfit.

3. Do your research for the best screen-printing companies. Ask other entrepreneurs or business owners that have used screen-printing for their own company paraphernalia. Talk to friends and family. Try to find examples of products that were previously ordered by your social circle, and don’t be afraid to call in to check out the customer service, too. The appearance of the screen-printing matters as much as the durability for the custom T-shirts for your Australian business.

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