4 Items to Boost Your Real Estate Newsletter Appeal

Real estate is a busy and highly competitive field. Agents need to be on their toes to secure a new listing or close the deal for eager clients. While strategies range from SEO content to postcard for real estate marketing ideas, your efforts should be able to reach both current and potential buyers and sellers. Using a well-done newsletter can help spark conversation, generate leads, and boost your online traffic. Here are some top items to include in your newsletter.

Local Market Analysis

You want to establish your name as a local, knowledgeable agent. What better way to do this and include local market insights in your newsletter. You can mention the average lending rates, the employment trends, or new businesses that will be coming your way. Include a video in your e-newsletter to double your click-through rate.

Highlight a Suburb

Spend a section focusing on the local real estate from a community standpoint. Highlight the amenities of new property developments and give readers an image of what life would be like if they chose to move in. There are plenty of online sites where you can find out median property prices, performance rates for the local schools, and the basic demographics of the community.

Spotlight Happy Clients

In today’s digital age, many people look to reviews with the same faith that is put in a personal referral. Having happy clients write about their experiences and allowing you to share their photos and comments can offer additional proof that your services are well worth the investment.

Show Interesting Properties

Give clients and readers of your newsletter an idea of the property types you work with. Include pictures of the million-dollar listing or highlight the old warehouse that you recently got the listing for. Give the reader confidence that you know how to handle their property.

A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with former and potential clients. With good content and embedded links, it is also a good way to drive traffic to your website.