5 Apps for the Photographer

The ever-growing world of applications on your phone has meant that there is something or other for everyone. And guess what? Photographers are surely not to be left out of this phenomenon. One of the newest mobile platform – Android, has literally enabled millions of photographers around the world to use different applications dedicated for photography to be used on it. Out of many thousand applications you’ll come across in the market, there are few that every photographer has to try out before retires in this field. Given below are some of these interesting applications:

1. PicPlz

This is one popular application that really needs no introduction at all. This photography application comes along with plenty of filtering options like cross processing, monochrome and vintage. Interestingly, all these effects can be implemented on the photos that are already stored in your phone gallery or the ones you had shot through this application. The final photos can be stored across various places like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, in addition to getting stored in the application itself.

2. QuicPic

If you’re tired of using the same old gallery application in your Android phone, then QuicPic provides an interesting and useful alternative to it. This photography application has got exhaustive collection of albums in it. That’s not all; there are plenty of setting options you can exercise using this application. Hence, QuicPic can be considered as one of the best user-friendly and organized applications for photographers in the market today. All the available albums can be sorted by date, path and name.

3. Photo Grid

This useful photography application will let the user to carve out beautiful collages from the photos already taken by you through your phone. The best part with this application is that once a collage is created, it can be tweaked as many times as you want. You can do this by swapping the images and adjusting which frame to be displayed over the frame and so on. It is interesting to note that a collage can be created using photos ranging from 2 to 9. Different types of layouts can be used for this purpose.

4. SilentCam

This is yet another wonder application that lets you take photographs without creating any shutter sound. It is often seen that most cameras make a lot of sound while taking photos; this application however does not do so. In fact, using this application it is possible to take a photo and not let anyone near you notice it. It can be used as a standby application for your default camera.

5. QikCam

Chances are always there that you might have missed an opportunity to take compelling pictures just when you thought your phone camera would work for you. But do not worry about such opportunities as QikCam will help you take a photo instantly. This small application is what you need by your side if you really want to capture a glorious moment without letting it go past you. Another version of this application is getting ready for a launch. This application is believed to have the capacity to shoot different videos.


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