5 Things You Should Do If You Are Attacked By A Dog

Reports of unsupervised dogs attacking unsuspecting individuals on the roads is pretty common these days. The reason for the same has been attributed to poor dog parents who are unable to control, train and manage our canine friends.

The consistent attacks on children and the elderly on driveways and at parks have prompted local authorities to set up canine handling teams for proper redressals. Everyone wants to get a dog for companionship, security and playtime. However, not everyone realizes that having a properly trained dog with a sound temperament takes a lot of work.

Nobody wants to end up on the receiving end of those sharp teeth. In this article, we are going to look at five things you should do if you get bit or are attacked by a dog.

List of 5 Things you should do it you are attacked by a Dog

1.Be Calm and Use Something to Protect yourself-

The first thing you should do if you see a dog charging at you is to be calm and not engage in any fearful activity. Yelling and jumping around does not work and makes the dog much more aggressive. The best thing is to do is to be calm and avoid direct eye contact with the dog.

It is also important to try to use anything which you have on you to distract the dog. For example, if you have a sweater or a water bottle, you can always try to use the same to get the first bite attack. This will help you get the initial force to redirect to a different object.

2.Try to get Medical Help as soon as possible-

If you have been injured, the experience can be pretty traumatic. However, you need to calm yourself down and take some immediate action. The first thing to do is to get in touch with medical help, Use your phone to call an ambulance, or request people at the site to do so.

This is important as dog bites result in blood loss and open wounds have a tendency to get infected soon. See a doctor, get a bandage or stitches depending upon the intensity of the attack. The faster you get medical attention, the better will be the healing process.

3.Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at the earliest-

Most dog attacks are usually because dog parents or owners are negligent. Irresponsible behavior leads to untrained dogs roaming the streets. The best personal injury attorney practice areas include dog attacks and you can get fair compensation for the crime.

The owner of the dog is liable to pay damages for your accident. He or she needs to compensate you for the medical expenses, and emotional and mental trauma, which has been caused because of their dogs. A good personal injury lawyer can help you claim compensation.

4.Be in touch with the Police and other Authorities-

You might have survived the dog attack with just a few stitches, but imagine if a child would have been in your place. An untrained dog, which goes about biting others is a threat to society. You need to inform the police and let the adequate steps be taken in this regard.

Many times dogs who are ill-treated by their owners end up becoming aggressive. Many owners hit and punish their dogs, which makes the animals turn aggressive. In such cases, the police might save the dog by relocating it to a shelter.

5.Contact your Insurance Providers-

When buying an insurance policy for yourself and your family members, you should ensure that the insurance covers dog attacks. According to data, dog attacks are showing double-digit growth in the USA every single year.

Once you have checked into a hospital or a medical facility, you need to ensure that your insurance kicks in and allows you some form of financial relief. Insurance companies might be troublesome, so you should let your personal injury lawyer handle them.

The Final Word

Dogs are by nature peaceful and loving beings. However, it is the owners, which can turn them into threats. Please do not try to request the authorities to put the dog down. On the other hand, you should request them to shift the dog to a proper shelter, where he or she can be rehabilitated.