5 Top Tips for Working at Home With a Pet

More and more Americans are enjoying the benefits of working from home, including enhanced flexibility and a better work/life balance. That being said, if you have a pet at home with you all day, especially a dog or cat, you may find that you become distracted and struggle to concentrate on the task at hand.

Why? The answer is simple.

Your pet wants your undivided attention – all the time. They love you and are beyond excited that you are suddenly at home all day, and, of course, they do not understand that you might have other things to do.

Fortunately, there are benefits to having a pet while you work from home.

A recent survey by Rover.com revealed that 54% of people who are currently working from home felt less anxious because they have their pet with them. Furthermore, two-thirds said they feel happier working from home with the company of their pets, and 86% said their pets helped to alleviate stress.

Interested to know how you can work in harmony with your pet? Keep reading to find out more!

1.   Start the day with a walk

If you have a dog, it is a good idea to take them for their morning walk before you even attempt to start work. Not only will this keep your dog happy and help to get rid of some of their boundless energy, but it will also set you up with a positive mindset for the working day ahead.

If you have a cat, give them some undivided attention before you start work as well. Play with their favorite toy, stroke them, or even just sit on the couch with them on your lap.

2.   Eliminate stress

An atmosphere of stress is not good for you or your pet, so you should take measures to ensure that you both spend the day feeling as calm and worry-free as possible. Of course, work can be stressful, but try and minimize your reaction to any pressure as your pet will quickly pick up on signs that you are tense.

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3.   Create a clear working space

If you tend to work here, there and everywhere around your home, you may find that this makes your dog more disruptive. However, if you create a clearly defined working space, as well as a designated area for your dog to play in, you will find that your working day goes a lot more smoothly.

The same goes if you have a cat. You need to establish clear boundaries, or you will find your furry friend taking up residence on your laptop, your files, or on your lap for the duration of the day.

4.   Take a break for playtime

It is important that you take regular breaks when you work from home in the same way that you would if you worked in an office. Take the opportunity to get some fresh air with your pet, whether that be in the local park or even just in your backyard. Not only will this help recharge your batteries for the afternoon, but it will also ensure your dog or cat does not feel ignored.

However, do not let playtime take over your day. Designated playtimes are beneficial; spontaneous ones are not.

5.   Ignore your pet

This may sound harsh, but as long as you are taking designated breaks with your pet and they are fed and watered, there is no harm in ignoring them for the rest of the time when you are trying to work. In fact, giving into your pet’s constant demands for attention will confuse them and make your day much less productive and more stressful.

You do not need to tell them off, as any attention, positive or negative, will send the wrong signals to your pet. Instead, simply ignore them and get on with your work.