6 Items You Will Need To Start a Cleaning Business

You love making the spaces around you tidy and spotless. This has led you to start your own cleaning business. You have the desire to move forward with cleaning other people’s homes and businesses, but you are not exactly sure of the types of cleaning supplies you will need to begin. If you are looking for some answers, here are six items that can help you kick off your cleaning business.

Cleaning Rags

Janitorial cleaning rags can be used for dusting and cleaning up messes. You can also use them to help with polishing things like silverware, wood and brass. Cleaning rags are also good for wiping windows and making tubs and sinks spotless.


Mops are essential for cleaning, so they should be on the top of your priority list. The types of mops that you choose will depend on the places that you are cleaning. A dry mop will be handy for cleaning up dusty locations and is used before a wet mop cleans the floor. If you are working with a shoestring budget, strip and string mops could be good options. If you have a larger portion of money to work with, you can consider a steam mop.


A bucket will keep water for mopping. You can keep things simple by using a pail or you can make things easier on yourself by purchasing one that has a built-in wringer. This type of bucket also has wheels on it, so you can easily move it from place to place.

Cleaning Products

You cannot get a building sparkling clean without cleaning products. Some items you will need might include disinfectant, laundry detergent, tile cleaner, furniture polish and toilet cleaner.


Keep your hands protected by wearing gloves. Since cleaning products can irritate the skin, gloves can create a barrier to avoid contact with your hands.

Vacuum Cleaner

Some of the homes and offices that you will clean will have carpet in them. Having a vacuum cleaner will help you to quickly get rid of dirt and dust in carpeted areas.

If you are starting a cleaning business, you will need to know about some of the essential items that you will need to get started. Some supplies that will be important to have include cleaning rags, a variety of mops, a bucket, cleaning products like disinfectant, furniture polish, toilet cleaner and laundry detergent, gloves and a vacuum cleaner.