6 Must-Haves for the Modern Garage

Every man has a different vision of his ideal garage. For example, a mechanic might dream of a black-and-white checkered floor strewn with engine parts; an electrician might grow giddy at the thought of an entire wall of circuitry.

Regardless of your fantasies, however, a few tools are universally handy. Here are just six essentials for the modern garage.

1: Florescent Lights

You can’t do anything in your garage without being able to see, so your first order of business is the installation of high-powered florescent lights. It doesn’t matter if they come in bulbs or light bars as long as they’re strong and spaced evenly throughout your work area.

2: Workbench

Workbenches should be more than just counter tops. As the centerpiece of your garage, they should also represent platforms of productivity, offering everything from adjustable levels to rolling mechanisms to take your project with you as you move from one tool to the next. Don’t cut corners when it comes to a solid workbench.

3: Air Compressor

A good snap-on air compressor is one of the staples of the well-stocked garage. Though they’re available for as little as $100, it’s worth the investment of a more advanced brand for a model that will last for years. Shop sites like Toolsmith Direct to learn more.

4: Lift

Unless you’re Superman, you’re going to need a hand to elevate your car during mechanical work. This is where lifts will make all the difference. Hydraulic floor jacks are good enough for most purposes, but if you’re a serious tinkerer, you might want to splurge for a two-post lift.

5: Flooring

If you’re tired of your greasy, unsightly floor, or if it’s gotten so slippery that it’s actually starting to cause accidents while you work, it’s time to tear up the old and make way for the new. Look for something with epoxy coating that will resist stains and grime.

6: Organizers

From hanging hooks to wall mounts, good organization is absolutely critical to a well-maintained garage. Not only will it keep you from misplacing your tools or accidentally slicing your finger on that random blade, but with everything you need right at hand, you can also complete projects quickly and much more efficiently.

These are six essentials for building or even just contemplating the ideal “man cave.” If you’re ready to transform your workshop into a bustling arena of ingenuity and design, it all starts with a list of supplies.