Buying a car at a Car Supermarket

Thinking of investing on a car, new or used? Perhaps you have already convinced yourself that it’s probably best to buy locally from a traditional, officially appointed dealership? If so, you could be making a big mistake. Inevitably,  it seems the sensible choice these days is to shop around and in the South East that is the car supermarket in Southampton.

The car dealership salesman in yout nearest franchised dealer will ultimately claim that somehow they have, or can get his hands on, the right car for you at the right or so they claim, the lowest possible price.

In these days of austerity, as the credit crunch still bites in the wake of recession recovery, we are all keen to save as much money as possible and indeed, bargain hunting is now such a part of UK culture, its like we have been living in austerity forever, or at least that’s how it feels most days.

We quite rightly think nothing of shopping around for expensive products such as car insurance, fuel and routine servicing, so why stick to the tired, old motor trade tradition of visiting the officially appointed dealer when its time to trade up.

Actual or virtual car ‘supermarkets’ as they are known, are now the best and easiest places to begin when trying to identify the right cars at the right price. Businesses like the car supermarket in Southampton, may be able to sell you an unused car direct. Or, be able to sell you an approved new car, which has had a full safety inspection and can come with an attractive range of warranties to suit any budget.

The car supermarket in Southampton should be able to  offer you pretty much everything the franchised dealer offers – vehicles with proper and appropriate specifications, road tests, part exchanges, finance deals , manufacturer warranties and more. They should be able to provide you with details of manufacturer warranties and conditions, which is a sign of a reliable car dealership. Another advantage with car supermarkets in Southampton is that the prices of the cars are published but you could always ask if the price is negotiable and whether or not it includes bonus extras like road tax, tanks of duel and delivery included in the price.

At a car supermarket in Southampton you should be 100 per cent clear about the paperwork you are signing and what you are buying. However, a sign of a good car dealership is that your dealer should be open and honest telling you everything you need to know about the vehicle, the finance if required and the car’s documentation.

We don’t generally stick with one insurer now unless the quote beats anything you find on the price comparison websites so why should you stick to the approved dealerships. Clearly there are some good deals to be had in the car supermarkets in Southampton. If you are treating yourself to a new car its worth a try.