Common Interests

Although people may portray themselves in a purely positive light online, once couples meet in person, they already know they have common interests, which is a solid foundation for building a relationship.

In Australia many people have used dating websites to find potential matches – in fact, the country is second only to the USA in terms of the popularity of online matchmaking sites.

Australian singles have the option of seeking matches in the same city, in rural areas, as well as further afield in New Zealand. Dating websites have millions of members, often with an approximately equal match between males and females.

Tailored to helping people find love online, new members are requested to fill out in-depth questionnaires, rating their own appearance and personality, which is then used to form a personality profile.

Online dating is not only providing singles with ways to meet compatible partners – it is also providing an answer to common problems faced by those who are in a niche dating field.

Niche dating

Because of the ease of building a community online, and increasing competition provoking sites to specialise in order to appeal to specific groups, there is a variety of niche dating sites online where people may meet others with similar values and life experiences, such as those looking for niche dating.

With the hectic pace of modern life meaning that busy people have less and less free time to look for love, online dating is providing a solution for career-focused singles seeking a relationship. Gone are the days when internet dating was only understood by the tech-savvy – nowadays, anybody with a computer can meet a potential match. An ever-growing phenomenon, online dating is most definitely here to stay.