Create a Unique Interior with Vintage Modern Style

If you prefer simple shapes and clean lines, you probably like modern architecture and interior design. Vintage Modern, a popular look in today’s homes, is a combination of old and new styles that create a unique blend. This style is growing in popularity, especially with younger homeowners who seem to love the vintage appeal of days gone by.

Vintage items are typically between 30 and 100 years old, as compared to antiques that are defined as items over 100 years old. Vintage pieces are easily recognized by specific style, age, finish or fabrics that reference a particular period in time. Mid-century modern furniture and d├ęcor, popular in the 1950’s, is a good example of vintage style.

The key to creating a successful Vintage Modern interior hinges on proper harmony and balance between vintage and modern styles. Here are some helpful design tips:

Proper Balance

When mixing two styles together in the same room, make one style dominant with large items and introduce the other style with smaller items like accents and decorative accessories. As an example, mix vintage French bistro chairs with a Modern perspex table, or hang vintage posters over a modern platform bed.


When mixing vintage and modern styles, don’t use too many accessories in your room. Find decorative accessories that can stand alone with unique design and details. Too many accessories will cause a cluttered look and confuse the design style. Remember, make one style dominant and the other style fill in the background.

Updated Style

Vintage Modern interiors have an updated style with a hint of surprise. For example, mix a vintage china cabinet into a modern dining room by updating the style with a coat of glossy, white paint. Paint a vintage oak chair teal blue, then add new upholstery in a bold, modern print.

Vintage Modern with their modern exterior doors style emphasizes straight lines, simple materials and finishes, and large spans of glass that provide lots of natural light. Materials in natural materials like wood, stone, concrete and steel make the perfect backdrop for a Vintage Modern interior. Warm wood tones mixed with modern accents are the perfect Vintage Modern combination. Create an inviting entrance to your home with modern exterior doors in warm wood tones accented with modern chrome hardware or glass sidelites. Vintage Modern is a style that combines old with new, casual with sophisticated. With the right balance, it creates a unique style with stunning design appeal!