Creating Statements For The Credit Union

When a credit union has outgrown its small office, it needs help with statement outsourcing. Statements need to be produced often to help customers understand where their accounts stand, and the credit union does not have time to handle all these statements on their own. The creation, printing and mailing of these statements can be done by a company that handles documents every day.

The Information

The information for these statements is sent to the printing company, and the printing company creates a statement based on this information. They spend a great deal of time formatting and producing these statements for customers. The statements are created to look a certain way, and they are formatted to look like other documents that come from the credit union.

The Mailing

The mailing of the statements is done when the statements are intended to go out. The printing company knows when each statement is to go out, and they mail them on the same day every month. When customers are getting these statements consistently, they will be able to keep track of their accounts. Also, the credit union will not have to spend time and money getting all the statements out the door.

The Security

The information used to create these statements is completely secure. The credit union sends information that helps in the creation of these statements, but the information is kept completely secure by the printing company. They store the information on secure servers, and they encrypt all the documents used to create statements. When the information has been used to create a statement, the printing company gets rid of that information. All customer information is safe, and the customer is able to get their statements on time.

There are many people who do not have time to sit in their office and create statements. The document outsourcing firm used can create these statements with relative ease. They format the statements, print the statements and send the statements to the customer. The credit union saves time, and the credit union does not waste resources on these statements.