Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home

There are a lot of reasons why someone may want to work from home and we’re fortunate to live in a time where that is an option. A variety of roles are now available to capable people who wouldn’t have been able to perform them in the past due to distance from employment opportunities, family obligations, disability, or other factors.

The internet has made it possible for people to work from home at an unprecedented rate. With a few pieces of equipment, a good internet connection, and strong communication skills, the work-from-home life can be a reality for careers that used to be tied to an office building.

Here are five customer service jobs that you can do from your home office, kitchen table, or even the couch!

Call Center Agent

When we think of call centers, we often think of row upon row of beige cubicles in a beige office building. Thankfully that is no longer the case. With modern call-forwarding and intranet systems, these days it’s possible for physical call centers to be retired without a decrease in customer service.

With a computer, high-speed internet, and a personal headset, you can perform all of the duties of a customer service representative from home. That means you can process sales and answer questions from your couch instead of a cubicle.

Online Chat Agent

Similar to the Call Center Agent, an Online Chat Agent can do their job from home with a computer and good internet connection. Live chat has grown increasingly popular in recent years as people find chatting more convenient than talking on the phone.

Many fashion retailers have started to compartmentalize their online chat, letting customers select experts on sizing, style, or logistics to answer questions. This lets their Chat Agents become masters in their distinct area, and allows them to provide the highest-quality customer service.

Customer Care Specialist

You may be wondering what differentiates a Call Center Agent or Online Chat Agent from a Customer Care Specialist.

Call and Chat Agents usually help potential customers answer questions, or guide them through the sales process.

A Customer Care Specialist works to support existing customers. For eCommerce companies, repeat customers can represent as much as 50% of sales! So keeping those existing customers happy is vital.

Even though the purpose is different, the logistics are very similar to those of a Call Center Agent. Many companies, from eCommerce startups to large national retail chains, hire remote Customer Care Specialists so they can provide excellent service without paying for a large call center space.

Social Media Manager

At first glance, social media may not seem like a customer service job, but it is. When customers have a question or a complaint, they increasingly turn to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and especially Twitter for help long before they contact the business directly. If a user’s comments or questions are being ignored, their network may know about it.

A good social media manager will respond to these questions ASAP and help the customer to find the help they need. Transparency is very important to customers, so engaging online is a great way to provide support as well as build loyalty to the brand.

Technical Support

If you’re more computer minded, technical support may be the job for you. These positions can range from solving simple “how do I…” questions to debugging software and installing patches remotely.

Technical support is required across nearly all industries, from computer software to eCommerce sites, to warehouses and distributors. For a work-from-home position, you’ll want to be prepared to provide support for software, apps, eCommerce, and other online services.

In-Office Customer Service Jobs

Not everyone wants to work from home. Some people like the distinction between home and the office. It helps them to keep their work at work, which is harder than ever in our always-connected world.

If that’s you, look for a customer service job that provides office space. UA Brands, for example, is often looking to hire for customer service representative jobs in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These jobs allow for a rewarding career, outside of the house.

A career in customer service can help you to become an expert problem solver and world-class communicator. Whether you work from home or in an office, these jobs provide transferable skills that will come in handy, wherever your career takes you!