Easy Personal Touches to Make Your Company Stand Out

When you have a small business, it is important that you find ways to personalize your services in order to stand out from larger companies. While this often comes in the form of good customer service, it can also come in the form of personal touches that you add, which make your customer feel like they are truly a part of your brand family. These small touches have a meaningful impact on how customers view your product and you. Ultimately, this will lead to an increase in customer loyalty and profit. Here are three easy ways to add that special touch to your business.

Handwritten Notes

Nothing says personal like a handwritten note. From invitations to thank you notes, there is just something special about getting something that someone has taken the time to write out for you. Incorporate this touch into you business by including a handwritten thank you note when you ship a product. Find cute stationary, or better yet, have branded stationary printed. Then, each time you ship out a product to a first time customer, include a quick thank you for their business from your team. You can even have an intern do these, as long as he or she has good handwriting!

Branded Packing Tape

Another great way to add a personal touch to your business is to use branded tape on your packaging. This is an inexpensive and versatile way to incorporate your brand into the packaging of your products and have other people see it. Companies such as Continental Tape Printers can help businesses create customized packing tape using your own artwork or the help of an in-house graphic design professional. This tactic will make your brand pop and add an extra touch to your shipments.

Personalized Mail

When customers sign up for e-mail or check out on your website, be sure to ask for information such as their birthday or anniversary. That way, depending on your specific business and products, you can send special notes or coupons on these special days. This will make your customers feel special and develop a loyal client base. And before you think that this is too much work, keep in mind that you can set up systems to automate this process for you.

Incorporate one or all of these tactics and you will be well on your way to developing a great relationship ith your customers through added personal touches.