Few Reasons Why You Must Own a BeefEater BBQ in Your Lifetime

Do you love to barbecue? I, for one, love and enjoy playing host or visitor at a barbecue parties. There’s a lot of fun and entertainment, not to mention the good food. Many people find the experience exhausting and so I did before trying a BeefEater barbecue. Thanks to the right kind of appliances I have now, barbecuing has become simple, and inviting friends home for some entertainment over fresh cooked meat translates us to pleasure. 😉

Things don’t happen just like that, of course; it takes a well-designed barbecue to get the job done. Here are a few special features of BeefEater barbecues which make my experience satisfying and enjoyable.

Structure & Design:


A fully welded barbecue frame: BeefEater barbecues are fully welded unlike regular barbecues which are spot-welded or bolted down together. This means that there will be a lesser mess as the barbecue doesn’t leak.

Stainless steel barbecue frames: BeefEater barbecues are made from ‘304’ grade stainless steel, which is a preferred grade of steel used in making cooking appliances normally. This kind of material prevents corrosion and I find it very easy to clean.

Porcelain enamel body: The barbecue also comes with a porcelain enamel body which is one of the toughest appliance coatings available in the world. Porcelain has a non-porous surface that prevents bacteria from getting in. It doesn’t burn and is scratch resistant, keeping your barbecue looking clean and new, year after year. 🙂

Roasting Hoods:

I find roasting hoods to be very important while I barbecue my meats, especially while I am trying to get them all well done in a single stretch. With a BeefEater barbecue I am able to do this, as it has a lot of roasting space with good ventilation that helps them all to be cooked evenly. The roasting hood also comes with a removable warming rack and a thermometer. I use the thermometer at times when I am unsure of the cooking time required for a particular kind of meat to be cooked.


If you are looking for different kinds of trolleys, I am sure you’ll be able to get the right one based on your budget and your requirements. I, for one, have two trolleys, a four burner barbecue for our home, and a two burner barbecue for beach house.

Core Features of BeefEater Barbecues:

Quartz Start technology: This technology is quite easy to use, and it comes built in with all burners. All you need to do is depress and turn the control knob to start your burner. This technology is a lot safer than the push button system which may cause accidents. Quartz Start technology doesn’t work on batteries, so you’ll never have to worry about battery replacements.

Stainless steel vaporiser grid system: Working with the BBQ is made easy using this system and it adds flavour to your meat too. This system is used to vaporise juices immediately as they fall off the meat. As the juice evaporates, the flavour of the meat is retained and this rules out the use of a grease management tray in the BBQ.

Precision flame control: There were many times I had gotten frustrated with my old barbecue as it was hard to keep the flame of my burner under control. But with a BeefEater barbecue things are a lot easier, as it comes with precision flame control which is seen in many high-tech kitchen gadgets. This precision engineered gas control can also be used to reduce or increase the flame on your burner, giving you a variety of barbecue options. Now cooking my meat rare or well done isn’t such a big deal anymore.

There were times when I used to find myself dreading barbecue parties at home; all the smoke would just go up my hair, my nose and eyes. I even had a problem with flare-ups, when the fat melted off the meat. And as you are barbecuing using flammable items, the grease always added to the drama. Now, with a BeefEater barbecue, life in the world of barbecuing has become so easy. I am having fun barbecuing, are you?

About the Author:

Nick Creelman is the Marketing Manager and Director at Appliance Warehouse, an Australian based company. Appliance Warehouse is an online electrical retailer, who stocks everything from white-goods to consumer electronics. Nick has a broad experience in marketing, distribution and retail over the Home Appliance Industry.