Finding Hidden Treasures in Your Jewelry Box

There is no question that jewelry fanatics can acquire a substantial number of necklaces, rings, bracelets, broaches, and earrings over time. While some jewelry pieces hold a sentimental value, which often prevents the collector from getting rid of the piece, other jewelry items may be easier to part with. Fashion experts agree that people should clean out their jewelry box and reduce their collection to only those items which are truly valued and cherished. Not to mention the extra cash that can be obtained from taking your jewelry scraps to reputable jewelry buyers.

Step One: Declutter Your Jewelry Box

Many people will find a great deal of clutter in their jewelry boxes. There is no telling what could be hiding amongst all of the broken chains and bent rings. Often times, people will have missing earrings and old bracelets that are no longer in style. Rings from an old boyfriend may also be easy to add to your pile of items to sell. An old watch or a gift from a friend that didn’t quite reflect your personal sense of style can bring in additional cash at the jewelry store as well. As you go through your various jewelry collections, think about what items you love to wear, as opposed to items that are passed over each time. If you haven’t worn the item within the past year, and it doesn’t hold a special sentimental significance, then it may be time to part with it.

Step Two: Organize Your Findings

The best way to get the maximum amount for your jewelry pieces is to separate them yourself. Divide the jewelry into piles for gold, silver and any gemstones that you may have. Make sure that you know exactly what you have to sell and approximately how much each is worth.

  • Gold: Gold is measured by karats; however, many jewelers will measure gold by Troy ounces. Most gold pieces will be marked with the weight, such as 10K, 14K, or 18K. This will tell you the content of pure gold in each piece. Research the current market value of gold in order to obtain a general understanding of the gold’s monetary worth.
  • Silver: Sterling silver is valued on its weight and purity. While some people have their silver professionally evaluated, others use a basic silver test kit to give them a general idea of their silver’s purity. If the jewelry piece is stamped with a number, such as 925, it means that the piece is 92.5 percent pure silver.
  • Precious Stones: It may be best to have any precious stones professionally evaluated to determine their clarity, weight, and brilliance, as these details will ultimately determine their value.

Step Three: Exchange for Cash

Now you are ready to exchange your old and broken jewelry pieces for cash. There are a number of local pawn shops and online buyers available that specialize in buying jewelry. It is vital that you do some research into the company before sending them your jewelry. Check to see if they are members of any creditable jewelry organizations, such as the Jewelers Board of Trade or the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Find out if the company has any complaints or customer compliments. Lastly, talk directly to the company and ask them any questions that you may have regarding the selling process.

Cleaning out your old jewelry box serves several purposes. Not only are you left with an orderly space filled with only the jewelry items that you love, but you now have room to add more jewelry pieces in the future. The extra cash from all of the scrap jewelry will definitely come in handy as well.