Finding The Right Job

Finding a good job is a challenge in today’s competitive job market. It takes planning, diligence and a positive attitude to find the right job at the right salary that will meet your needs. According to experts like Neil Haboush, you can give yourself an edge in your job search by following these important tips. They are all recommended by Neil Haboush.

* Be Diligent – Remember, looking for a job is your job until you find one. Be diligent in your efforts by sending out resumes and making phone calls each day. Give yourself a realistic goal every day, then do what’s necessary to reach it.

* Be Prepared – If you are diligently searching for a job each day, someone will respond. When they do, make sure you can be easily reached by phone or email and respond promptly to interested employers. If they want to schedule an immediate interview, make yourself available.

* Be Professional – Maintain a professional attitude at all times, from the initial phone call through the interview. Be assertive in your interview by expressing your interests, needs and questions about the job. Get a new suit, a haircut, and keep a professional image.

* Follow-Up – Send a thank you note after each interview to let them know you’re excited about the position and the possibility of the job. A follow-up note tells the employer that you’re prepared, professional and polite. If they’re interested, there may be further interviews, so stay positive through the process.

* Set Goals – Set realistic time frames for your job search so you don’t get discouraged. Be realistic about your salary requirements, living expenses and financial needs. Chances are that your first job will not be your last, but it’s an important stepping stone on your career path for the future.