Five Types of People and Their Relationship With Money

As far as personal finance is concerned, I have met many types of people. Those who do not want to change anything in their personal finances and fully take responsibility for their decision. At least, they don’t bother others with their money problems. Complainers, procrastinators, unsustainably motivated ones and winners.

The Complainer Who Does not Want Improvement

The person who does not want to improve his personal finances, but often complains about running out of money and/or who does not like to talk about money. Life is too short to be counted among the ranks of moaners who prefer to speak and criticize rather than take action and improve.

The Motivated Self-Starter With No Sense of Direction

The person who wants to improve their personal finances, but does not know where to start: that was me in 2012, or perhaps the faithful readers of this blog for a while, or maybe even you today reading these lines right now! In any case, I want to make your life easier through this article, past or future articles on personal finance. Like is the case with most things in life, when you do not know a subject, you feel a bit paralyzed by all these things we “should” or “could” do but do not do. Put simply, it’s difficult to know what we have not learned, which leads to difficulty knowing where to start.

The Procrastinator Waiting for Perfect Timing

A person wishing to improve their financial situation only when things will get better or at a future event (e.g. my next increase when X debt will be repaid next year, etc.). See how this problem is circular: Wait until their finances are better before starting to improve habits related to money? In other words, this is procrastination for not starting to do better, if only a little bit better today. For instance gathering coupon codes.

The Motivated One Who Gives Up

One who is very motivated to change everything about their finances but gives up after a few weeks. It’s a classic that transcends personal finances according to personal finance news specialists. In any new project that aims to improve our future comes an initial craze. However, it is important to remember, throughout the improvement process we are undertaking, whether for health or personal finances, it is consistency that will make you achieve your goals and it is not the only motivation. Day after day, you need to take small steps forward, you get back up after falling (predict it will happen) and learn from your failures to continue with more tools to get there.

The Winning Money Manager

Fortunately, I have also met the person who comes to the conclusion that it is important to gradually improve habits related to money, not necessarily to get rich at any cost, but rather to have a sound management of personal finances, thus allowing them to reduce the stress associated with lack of money and the freedom to finance their projects and most ambitious dreams.

Improving personal finances transcends money. It is especially in the head that it really takes place. Where we can begin to develop healthy habits related to money that goes in and out of our lives. The way I see it (yes, my opinion) well-managed finances makes it possible to have the means to finance one’s wildest dreams: buy a nice house, go on a trip around the world, invest in something dear to your heart, transfer knowledge related to money to help a loved one or just have the means to give back the money raised to those in need. Dissociate from the thought of lack of money. Live life to the full!