Get the Right Insurance Package for Your Golf Course

When your life-long dream has been to own your own golf course and you achieve that goal it’s imperative that you protect both your dream and your investment with proper insurance so that you’ll have peace of mind and confidence every time a player tees up the ball and begins his journey around the course.  Finding the right company to provide you with proper cover is an important part of your business plan and should be handled before the first ball is ever driven from the tee.  Let’s take a look at some areas of protection that you should consider as you begin your new business.

Your Property

Your golf course will be beautifully landscaped and have a great deal of your money invested in the beauty and functionality of the course.  You’ll need protection for the grass, trees, sand traps, and other features that you have on your course; making sure that your policy takes good care of your investment is the first step toward having a successful business in the golfing industry.

Natural Disasters

Depending upon the location of your golf course, you may want to consider taking out additional cover for earthquakes and flooding that can impact your business operations.  It’s always better to plan ahead for disasters which you cannot predict so having cover should you be in an impact zone is the smart avenue to pursue.

Casualty Insurance

When golf balls (and sometimes golf clubs) are flying through the air, accidents are sure to happen; even though golf is a safe sport, injuries can result from falls, animals, or equipment that you provided for clients.  Third party injuries must be taken into consideration when you are providing a service to the general public and your insurance cover must reflect your attention to this detail.

Employee Benefits Liability

Running a golf course that is beautiful and inviting to your guests will require a staff of employees who are required to do a myriad of tasks around the grounds.  Having liability for these workers can protect you and your assets should they become injured whilst on the job. Choose this type of coverage very carefully so that you can provide for your employees and be sure to ask your agent for his advice on this part of your golf course insurance policy.  You may want to ask about worker’s compensation packages to supplement the cover that you’ll have for your business in general.  As a responsible employer you’ll want to provide good care for your employees so that they will be loyal to your company and work as hard as they can to make you a success.

You’ve made a good investment in the business of your dreams so protecting it is a must for your peace of mind.  Be sure to find a reputable company with which to work, a knowledgeable agent who can guide you every step of the way, and a policy that will provide you with the right cover to keep your assets viable and competitive in the golfing industry.

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