How Moms Can Move Their Careers Forward

If you are a mom, you may feel as if motherhood has brought your career to a standstill and that you are not in a position where you might be able to continue to move your career forward. However, there are many opportunities for moms to advance their careers, and here are just some of the steps that aspiring moms can take.

·        Take a Degree

Going back to university or college may seem out of reach for many moms, and yet it is possible with the right support. Whether you decide to leave your child in the care of a loved one, take your child with you and find the right accommodation for both of you, or study for an online degree, there are many options that can allow you to get the qualification that you need to progress. As such, you should find out how to get into college and what the GPA requirements are for each university or college by visiting websites such as, as they will be able to guide you through the process ahead.

·        Network With Others

Motherhood is a great opportunity to connect with others, especially if these others are moms themselves. As a mom, you will likely meet a host of other people, some of whom might be businesspeople or professionals themselves and who might be able to tell you of many of the most recent opportunities in your sector. Not only this but there are now many networking groups online that can help you to connect with other professionals from the comfort of your own home and while you are caring for your children.

·        Speak to Your Manager

When you are ready to return to work after the birth of your child, you should speak to your manager about your return and the accommodations that may need to be made for you, such as flexible working hours or remote working. This will then ensure that you can work to a high standard without worrying about your children and their care. You might also take the chance to talk to your manager about your dreams and goals and about the steps that you will need to take to achieve these goals. Starting back at work is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and to start working hard toward new goals and ambitions.

·        Find Jobs That Suit Parenthood

Although this is not always a necessity if you can find great childcare or if you love your old job and are able to work around parenthood with the right accommodations in place, it can be easier to advance in roles that suit parenthood and the lifestyle that you are living now that you have children. As such, you should look around for jobs that are great for moms and parents, such as those that fit in with school hours, such as that of a teacher or lunchtime assistant, or those that base themselves around the skills that you will have learned as a parent, such as those in childcare or nursing.