How the Right Signage Can Lead to a Successful Rebranding

When revenue starts to drop, it can take some time to figure out the reason why customers are going elsewhere. In some cases, declining revenue can be directly related to image. If this is the case, it may be time to consider rebranding your image. To be fair, a comprehensive rebrand should be a last resort when sales start to slip. When it’s decided that rebranding is the way to go, however, a good place to start is with updated retail signage.

Reintroducing Your Brand

The key to successful reintroduction of your brand when it comes to the signs you display is quality and attention to detail. Whether you need some help fine-tuning your design or you have a basic concept already in mind, durable construction is essential when placing new signage. Speaking of placement, it’s just as important to determine where your signs will be placed other than obvious spots like outside of your store or in the window. Keep in mind that physical signs can be easily replicated in digital form for use in online marketing efforts.

Finding the Right Blend of Old and New

Rebranding doesn’t have to mean abandoning your company’s identity. In fact, when it comes to your new signage, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating elements of your original sign design with updated features such as a new color scheme or a different font. While it sometimes makes sense to start from scratch, sign design is usually about finding a happy medium between old and new that’s likely to appeal to your target customers.

Reaching Out to Different Demographics

Signs can be more “chatty” than you may realize. For instance, an outdated sign can give the impression that your retail business isn’t in touch with today’s consumer. Outdated signage can also be a deterrent when it comes to attracting new customers, especially if you’re trying to attract different demographics like younger consumers or urban consumers. If, for example, your brand is strongly associated with women, a gender-neutral design could help extend your brand’s appeal to men.

Successful rebranding is the product of meticulous planning. This is certainly important when it comes to the signage used for your business. Updated signs are meant to reflect the expectations of your current customer base while sending a message that you’re ready to welcome new customers to your business.