How to find a great plumber for a small job

Whether you know it or not, there are so many parts of our home or apartment that rely on the use of plumbing.  Without these pipes in our homes, the everyday appliances that we use would be completely useless.  Imagine your life without your refridgerator, dishwasher, sink, toilet, shower, garbage disposal, or hot water heater.  These are just some of the things that require plumbing.  Handling any problems that arise with the plumbing is a job that not everyone can do, therefore there is a constant need for plumbers in everyday situations.

What are some small jobs plumbers do?

  • Leaky faucets

◦     Whether it seems like it or not, a leaky or dripping faucet is one of the most annoying things you can go through as a homeowner.  Not only is it wasting water by constantly leaking, but the drip can keep going so constantly that it will start to grate at your nerves.  Leaky faucets are usually very easy for a plumber to fix and relatively inexpensive.

  • Small clogs

◦     Most of the time when you get a clog in your sink or toilet, it can be treated by using a draining product or by using a plunger.  However, there are some times when the clog is caused by a blockage that you will be unable to take care of yourself.  It may only be a small clog to a plumber, but most of us simply do not have the tools to do it ourselves.

  • Garbage Disposal problems

◦     Nothing is worse than a backed up disposal.  It can create odors and keep you from being able to get rid of your garbage.  This is never a job that should be taken on by someone without experience, and plumbers are the ones to call in to take care of the job.

What should I look for in a good plumber?

  • Experience

◦     The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t know what they are doing coming in and messing around with the plumbing in your home.  Make sure that you are familiar with the company and any notable projects that they may have done in the area.  Businesses like Atex Plumbing of San Antonio have the experience for people to know that they are a company that can be trusted for plumbing needs.

  • Able to handle any job

◦     The great thing about finding a good technician is being able to call them in any situation.  You want a plumbing company that offers both small and large scale solutions so that you never have to find a new plumber because this one doesn’t handle your situation.

  • Affordable price

◦     The price is always going to be dependent upon the situation, but you should get pricing from three different companies to be sure that you are getting fair pricing from the company.

Many of us experience those day to day plumbing emergencies because there are so many different systems in our homes involving plumbing, but there doesn’t have to be a cause for panic.  By finding a trustworthy company like Atex Plumbing of San Antonio, you can always keep the number on file just in case you need a plumber!