How to Select an Appropriately-Sized Storage Unit

Self-storage units are an excellent choice for storing bulky items that you don’t have room for in your home – or that you simply don’t want taking up valuable space. Life isn’t without overflow, and thankfully there are storage units in a multitude of dimensions and sizes to fit all needs. Whether you want to store boxes of holiday decorations, keep watersports equipment dry in the off-seasons, or even store an entire houseful of furniture, there’s a unit that’ll accommodate your needs.

First, be realistic in your need for size. While your wallet may be urging you to pick the closet-sized storage Calgary unit, the truth is that physics may ultimately prevent you from beating that closet-like unit in a real life game of Tetris. But if you pack your belongings as close together as possible, and condense items whenever possible (collapsible decorations, for instance, should always be compressed), you can certainly decrease the amount of space you need.

Next, think about climate needs. Do any of the items you are planning on storing have temperature or moisture sensitivities? If so, then consider an indoor Calgary self storage unit, preferably one that is climate-controlled. Some store unit buildings offer indoor units with and without climate control. But if you’re simply storing boxes of tools, old clothing, and random toys, you can probably get away with an outdoor storage unit whose only protection from the elements is its door, walls, and concrete roof and floor.