How to setup your own ecommerce store

So your thinking of starting your own online store…maybe you want to work from home, you have accesss to good products or you just want to try something new. Here are a few tips on getting started with selling online. My name is Dan and I started my own business over 3 years ago now selling printer ink online. This guide does not cover selecting a niche and I am presuming you have something in mind which you want to sell. So lets get started:

Select the platform you want to use for your website. If you are on a budget then wordpress is the obvious one. You can setup an online store for under $100 which will beeasy to use for the user as well as doing most functions you will need. Woocommerce is one of the best wordpress ecommerce plugins. Magento is a more advanced option but you will need to know some web coding in order to really ge tthe benefits of this system.

How to market your store: You should setup social accounts such as facebook, google plus, twitter, instagram and anything else you can get your hands on. These accounts are free so should be used as much as possible to drive traffic to your new website.

Google adwords and search engine optimisation: Setup a google adwords account but be sure you select a budget that you can afford. If your keywords are too expensive then select a longer term which are usually cheaper. Setup your website for the seach engines but be sure to stay within Google’s guidlines.

Well these are the three main steps to getting started with your online store. You just really need to master the above to be successful online.

Best of luck in your business!