How to Start a Home Business Online

Here are the steps that experts recommend for getting site visitors to buy.

If you want to start an online business from your home you need a proven step-by-step plan to succeed. Remember to start your business legally set up an LLC and save by using these Legalzoom promotional codes.

Internet marketing consultants recommend the following steps to help your new business succeed.

  • Discover product service or information need and deliver
  • Craft website copy with words to persuade and sell
  • Build your website with easy to use software so you can update it yourself
  • Get search engine such as Google to send traffic to your site for free
  • Communicate with your customers with email marketing
  • Build your income by selling additional services and products to existing customers

Many new entrepreneurs make the fatal error of finding a product first and then looking for customer second. It should be done in the inverse first find customers with needs they want to build and then search for products and services to meet their needs.

Define these customers conduct market research using these methods

Do keyword research to find the types of phrases that people are searching for and not finding products or services.

Visit online forums and read the questions and problems people are posting indicating their unfulfilled needs.

Analyze your possible competitors by studying your websites and determining how they fulfill customer demands.

How to write copy that sells

It is not enough to just write pretty words on your website need to use a specific sales formula if you want to make the maximum sales.

Expert advertising copywriters suggest these points for copy that sells:

  1. Start with a compelling headline that generates interest
  2. Talk about the problem your item results
  3. Demonstrate your credibility as a problem solver
  4. Add reviews and customer testimonials
  5. Right about the product and its benefits to the end user
  6. Make your sales offer
  7. Include a solid guarantee
  8. Create urgency to close the deal today as opposed to someday
  9. Ask for the sale with a call to action button

Build your website with DIY software

Build your website with a simple easy to use a software program such as WordPress or Squarespace so that you can be your own webmaster. This drastically reduces your setup costs and increases your flexibility and turnaround time because you can make edits yourself at any time.

Keep your design simple by choosing up to two plane fonts and white background for maximum readability

Make your navigation menu clear and put it in the same location on every page

Only use graphics audio or video if they are directly relatable to your message and not just for decoration.

Make it easy to purchase with click to buy buttons.

Because your website is your storefront online you want to make it very user-friendly and customer accessible.

Demonstrate your expertise

The internet is where people come to find expert information demonstrate that your information is valid and more traffic and better search rankings and orders.

To establish your credibility giveaway your expert advice free of charge. You can write articles, blog posts, videos or create images that people searching for your type of expertise will find useful. Distribute that expert content through social media sites and other online forums related to your topic.

Looking for the easiest businesses to start – Check out this list:

32 Online Business Ideas that are Easy to Start

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. E-commerce store
  4. Self publish book on Amazon
  5. Create Digital Course or Product
  6. Youtube Video Creator
  7. App Development
  8. Become Facebook Advertising Agency
  9. SEO Search Engine Optimization Expert
  10. Freelance Writer
  11. Copywriter for Sales Copy
  12. Coach using Skype
  13. Teacher Tutor Online
  14. Buy and Sell Domain Names
  15. Buy and Sell websites
  16. Start a Podcast
  17. Drop shipping products
  18. Freelance Consulting
  19. Sell on Ebay
  20. Amazon FBA
  21. Website design and development
  22. Graphic Design
  23. Niche website entrepreneur
  24. Membership Facebook Group
  25. Lead Generation Services
  26. Virtual Assistant
  27. Social Media Provider
  28. Instagram Sponsorships
  29. Create Software as a Service – SaaS
  30. Technical Writing
  31. Resume and Cover letters writing
  32. Tech Support