Improving Business Profits With Modern Time Clocks

Poor time punching systems can put a great strain on a business’s finances. A multitude of errors can occur when a company chooses an outdated time-punching system. Payroll losses can be as high as 5 to 8 percent because of human errors, employee buddy punching, device malfunction and more. Therefore, a business owner should consider investing in modern time-punching equipment. The following are several time clocks that can enhance efficiency and build security in the office:

Biometric Units

Biometric attendance machines are perhaps the most secure units on the market. They use a fingerprint system that reads each employee’s fingerprints for clocking in and out. Once the biometric system scans the employee’s fingerprint, it records the data in real time and stores it on a server. Biometric time units can prevent discrepancies that come from buddy punching and time system manipulation.

Electronic Time Systems

Some companies offer electronic time units that are enhanced models of the traditional time card punch systems. These models offer intricate features such as printing, auto reset, and battery backup. Auto reset automatically changes the time on the system when Daylight Savings time comes around. Battery backup is an amazing feature that prevents down time during electrical outages.

Fashionable Time Products

Some time tracking devices come with a high element of fashion. Having fashionable equipment can boost employee morale, which can in turn boost profits through motivation. An employee who enjoys his or her visual environment will have more desire to put extra efforts into his or her work activities. Therefore, fashionable time units can be a great asset to a company. Fashionable time products can come in alluring colors such as green or red. These units may be electronic, battery operated, or computer based. An employer will choose the model that fits into its business plan.

Where to Find Time Systems

A wide variety of retailers offers healthy selections of attendance products. Time Clock eShop is an example of such a company. A retailer that sells time products will often have a variety of options such as web-based clocks, stamp clocks, hand punch clocks and more. The goal is to have enough inventory to entice every type of business owner. Interested parties can browse the selection of attendance pieces to find items that fit their purpose and personalities. The prices vary according to each unit’s complexity and features.