K2 Space

K2 Space (www.k2space.co.uk) were delighted to support this year’s Wrap Up London campaign which took place at ten of London’s main stations. The campaign aims to persuade London’s commuters to donate coats. The coats are then distributed to people in need around the capital.

For the third year running K2 Space provided logistics and transport support for the event. They provided vehicles to collect bags of coats from the collection stations and drive them to the warehouses for sorting. All K2 Space staff were involved in Wrap Up London with some handing out leaflets at stations prior to the collection days, others collecting coats at the stations and others manning the vehicles.

The atmosphere at the collection stations was friendly and upbeat with many instances of people literally donating the coat off their back. In 2013 the target was to collect 10,000 coats from ten stations and distribute them to over a hundred charitable organisations across Greater London. These include homeless shelters, women’s refuges, youth centres, refugee support groups, care homes, centres for the elderly, and food banks.

In the event the 2013 target was greatly exceeded as more than 13,000 coats were collected in the three days. Wrap Up London had hoped this would be the case and had planned ahead for it. They had already identified those charitable organisations that would be keen to take more than their allocation based on a 10,000 coats target.

K2 Space first got involved with the campaign at the invitation of their long-standing furniture and design & build client, investment banking firm, William Blair who are the one of the organisers of the event.

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