Modelling Careers

The type of career you choose is going to affect the rest of your life or at least some part of it. Some people choose to work behind their desks (or rather in front of their PCs just like I do) while others spend plenty of time each day on runways or during photo shoots. It is ultimately up to each person what path they choose.

When you want to become a model, you might be wondering how to get started. If this is one of those things you are concerned about, you will want to seriously consider looking at to see what they can offer you in terms of hooking you up with somebody who will turn you into a supermodel.

Style Models is certainly not a new player in the modelling industry. As a matter of fact, they have been around already for about two years serving the UK modelling market not as a model agency, but rather as a useful platform where models from all over the country can connect with potential employers and start their careers.

Now would be the perfect time for some statistics, so let the numbers speak:

  • Around 80% of those models who uploaded and completed their profile with Style Models get an agency. This means that 4 out of 5 models are successful in their hook-up process with potential employers. Of course, having an agency will not necessarily get you a job, but you are definitely one step closer to that.
  • 62% of models registered on Style Models get a job within the first month. That’s more than 1 person in 2. The economy might be tough right now, but there is always a demand for good-looking and hard-working models willing to give their career a serious try.
  • 49% of those registered on Style Models make no less than £900 on their first job. How much did you make on your first job? The reality is that many jobs in the UK pay a lot less than that
  • More people use them than any other modelling agency simply because they do not make false promises or lie to anyone. Instead, they tell you what they can do or cannot do for you.
  • They have a slogan that says that if they can’t make you into a good-earning model, no other modelling company can.
  • They always are willing to work hard for their models by sending them jobs and on a regular basis. They don’t discriminate anybody strongly believing that every model deserves a fair chance.