Promotional Pens

When it comes to bringing attention to your business or to your products, few things are more useful than a good promotional campaign, as Scott Gelbard Businessweek profiles. One of the most effective and least expensive promotional items that you can invest in are promotional pens.

Pens allow a company to display all of the relevant information about their business to their customers on a consistent basis. Since pens are used by everyone at some point in time, it is very likely that leaders within the social circles of your target market will view the information of your company a great number of times before that pen has lost its practical use.

There are few characteristics that you should consider when you begin to to look for the right promotional pens. Some of these characteristics will be listed below.

One – Look for a promo item that will create conversation.

You want a promotional item that will be a conversation piece. You want a pen that will be noticed by the social leaders in your target market so that your business will be talked about at their jobs and in their social gatherings. This is the way that you can create positive PR for yourself without having to spend a great deal of extra cash.

In order to create this kind of conversation, you cannot be afraid to have your promo items stand out a little bit. Pick a pen with zany colors or a pen that is oversized – anything to get people talking about your business.

Two – Make sure that you put the relevant information on your promotional item.

Although every business has a physical address, an electronic address or website, a phone number, and e-mail address, a title, an owner, and so on and so forth, you can only physically fit so much information on your promotional item.

Study your target audience so that you can determine how they disseminate information into their daily lives. If your demographic is local in nature and tends to visit your store in person, you will want to include your physical address. If your demographic likes to do business online, then the website for your company should be displayed more prominently. If you take phone orders, then the phone number of your company should be the largest piece of information on your promotional item.

Three – Make sure that your promotional items mirror the marketing strategy of the rest of your company.

While you’re trying to get people to pay attention to your promotional item, do not forget the overall function of this item. You only have these items out here in the public eye to draw attention back to your business. People should not have to make a big jump in order to associate your promotional items with your business.

This means that you should pay close attention to the stylization of your promotional item. Make sure that it is similar to the stylization of the rest of your marketing. For instance, if you are well known for certain type of font or color scheme, make sure that your promotional items have the same font and color scheme as well. With all of the competition that your company faces in the current business landscape, you should not make your customers work too hard to recognize your company in the midst of many products.