Ryan McAweeney On Why Effective Marketing Is Indispensable For All Businesses

Most people will believe that a considerably large number of revolutionary commercial products have come our way especially in the last two decades and this has changed the world for good. However, Ryan McAweeney, a leading marketing executive hailing from California apparently holds a slightly different opinion.

For, according to Ryan, we have missed on as many (if not more) revolutionary products as the ones we have gained. And the products that never quite made it didn’t do so for one simple reason—they had been marketed poorly!

Ryan, founder and chief marketer of the San-Diego based Vertical Digital, a leading marketing company in the California region, is commonly accepted as one of the best marketing executives in the nation. And his views and opinions have especially started to come to the fore since Ryan began delivering lectures on public forums on the subjects of advertising, business, and marketing.

Primarily, Ryan’s appearances on public forums were prompted by the flak the advertising industry recently received from many different quarters. While strongly voicing his opposition to a number of unethical practices that many unscrupulous advertisers engage in, Ryan still made it clear that this should not be used to debunk the advertising industry as a whole.

It is during these addresses that Ryan McAweeny emphasized the immense importance of effective marketing campaigns when it comes to selling a product. According to Ryan, no matter how good or even revolutionary a product is, a lot of creative thinking requires to be invested when it comes to designing an effective marketing campaign for that product.

Talking on the subject, he says that every passing year he sees a huge number of good products fall flat on their face simply due to the fact they were marketed poorly and in an inefficient manner.

And this happens, maintains Ryan, since many companies and product developers see advertising as a ‘cost’, and not as an ‘investment’. As such, they are reluctant to spend ‘too much’ on advertising and thus a very large portion of the funds for a product goes toward developing the product.

And he expresses astonishment at the fact that the biased notion ‘as long as a product is good, it will sell’ is actually so deep that even many large companies try to penny-pinch when it comes to the marketing side of a product.

And yet, Ryan argues, how can a company hold its own if it cannot ensure quick cash flow once a product is released on the market for sale? Uninterrupted cash flow is vital for any company—small or large—for repeated investments in product research and development. Even companies like Google rely heavily on quick cash flow for further investments. And if such is the case with giants like Google, Ryan asks, how much more crucial a quick cash flow would be for smaller companies?

Also, in support of his argument, he mentions the immensely innovative, ingenious, and holistic approach Apple has taken towards marketing their campaigns—and in establishing itself as a brand as a whole. Without those campaigns and the large amounts of funds spent on them, we would have been living in a world without iPhones or Macs, Ryan states emphatically enough.

In fact, McAweeney’s passion in working as a developer of marketing campaigns is evidenced from the fact that in recent times, he has partly sidestepped from his duties as the owner of Vertical Direct and is currently running a consulting firm that chiefly helps small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs develop their initial advertising campaigns. This way, Ryan says, he can work hands-on with his clients and develop effective marketing strategies from scratch which is his real passion after all.