Social Media in the Corporate World

In the internet age of social media and networking, high ranking executives of corporations are showing their true personalities. Such powerful and wealthy individuals have fun in creating profiles that show some personal character to the rest of the world. Customers of certain corporations may be thrilled to see chief executives be active on social networks and media websites. Such sites allow executives to make posts and even write brief blogs to keep company employees and customers updated about anything interesting that’s going on. Bob Bratt is an example of a high ranking corporate manager that uses social media websites.

Some social media sites allow company executives to share their personal interests. For example, these individuals can post or highlight their favorite music, books, sports, recreational activities, places to visit and much more. Such activities actually allow other ordinary people to make true connections with high ranking executives. People may realize that they share the same interests as company leaders and start to support certain brands and services. In a sense, a personal profile on a social media site is a marketing campaign that indirectly targets customers for a company. Social media sites also allow executives to virtually interact with ordinary folks through the internet. For example, some people may post personal and professional questions on the page of a chief executive. The questions can be replied in basic text format or even with an entire custom made video that addresses certain issues that have been raised by many online users of a social media site.

Social network sites also allow company executives to show their professional connections and brand image. For example, such corporate leaders can map some of the locations that they have been to in recent months. Such information may present certain companies as having a global reach in a modern competitive economy. Executives can post pictures of their tourist adventures in other major cities worldwide. At the same time, they can also show images of professional conferences and meetings that reinforce an image of importance and relevance in the corporate world. High ranking executives can actually build a loyal virtual fan base through social network sites. Online followers can virtually keep track of all the activities of major company executives. In a sense, business leaders can be the rock stars of their respective industries. It surely feels rewarding to have thousands of followers on a social media or networking site.

Social media sites can also be used effectively for corporate executives to show their involvement in charitable causes. Photos of events, galas and other fundraisers can be posted to show to the rest of the world that a company is actively participating in great causes that go beyond profits. Social network sites can also be used to gain support for specific charities that are funded by corporations and businesses. Surely, plenty of social network users can join some causes in a local area. For example, people may be eager to participate in a marathon that raises funds and awareness for certain cancers. Many corporations often sponsor 5 mile runs that benefit different types of research programs for cancer. Similarly, social network sites that are managed by corporate executives can be used to directly ask for donations that go to specific charities and foundations with legitimate operations.