Stand Out From the Crowd: Use A Greeting Card

Greeting cards have long been seen as items valued more for thought than substance. However, in recent years the tide has turned, and people are becoming ever more creative with their greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, and many other holiday occasions. From websites where you can order personalized greeting cards to crafty people who create their own designs, there are many different ways to stand out from the crowd with a greeting card.

If you want to really make a statement and stand out with a card, here are some handy tips and methods you can try out today:

  1. 1.    Create your own greeting card: it’s not just for kids anymore  

We often associate getting out card and glitter to make your own greeting card as a children’s activity, but this is actually an option becoming ever more popular with adults too. With the advent of Pinterest and other internet arts and crafts communities, crafting has become a rather hipster hobby and the quality of the end products may surprise you. Making your own card is a great way of displaying your own personality and it really shows your ingenuity and effort.

2. Creating your own cards digitally

Of course, many people are not particularly artsy when it comes to pen and paper, but are quite adept at web graphic design. If you prefer Photoshop to Hobby Lobby, then why not design something yourself? Even basic knowledge of a program like Photoshop or InDesign could help you make a lovely personalized design.

3. Use a personalized card website to do the work for you

Want all of the credit but do none of the work? Searching online for personalized greeting cards is a great place to start. Best of all, creating a great digital card on the web does not even require a lot of skill. There are plenty of websites online that allow you to personalize a card with your own photos and messages, or create a card from scratch. With huge selection of templates to choose from and then personalize, you can often mock up a great personalized card in minutes online. Best of all, the paper and print quality of the end product is assured, making this the ideal option for more formal greeting cards as well.

4. Going corporate: how to make a personalized card suitable for business

Writing greeting cards and birthday notes for your business partners, clients and associates is an important part of cultivating business contacts and friendships. However, it can be hard to toe the line between personalized and over-personal. Buying a standard set of Christmas cards from a convenience store probably will not make an impact, but hand-crafting your own card for a business partner or client may be extremely time-consuming. The way to make this work is usually to opt for tip three and go for an online personalized card service: you can quickly make several personalized cards and you are guaranteed to have a high-quality end product, in addition to adding that all-important personal element.

5. It’s the message that matters

While picking a card with a beautiful personalized design is great, you should always complement a personal design with a personal message. Don’t just sign off your cards with ‘Happy birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’. Show personality and try to make your message either funny or touching. You don’t need to be a wordsmith to write a great greeting card message: you just need to think about the relationship between you and the recipient.

Capitalizing on the message is especially important if you are sending out cards to business associates or clients. Business greeting cards are often signed off in the most boring way possible, and some even delegate the task to assistants. Don’t be that person: write the card yourself and take time to write a personal message. Include something personal like using their nickname or relating a personal anecdote. This makes all the difference and shows that you went the extra mile.

Making an effort to be culturally aware is often a good tip. Remembering that your client or neighbor is Jewish and sending a Rosh Hashanah card is a great way to show that you remember the little details, and will set you apart from the crowd.

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