Success Without Stress: Business Travel Tips to Keep You Chilled

When you combine the stress of work with the hassle of traveling, it can make business travel incredibly challenging, and it may induce anxiety.

According to research conducted by the CWT Travel Solutions Group, an employee can lose up to 6.9 hours when traveling for work due to the stress they feel. This means they’re neither working nor resting. The study also indicated that the most stressful parts of a business trip are getting to or from the airport or train station and flying in economy class on medium- or long-haul flights.

However, business trips needn’t be something you dread. If you’re traveling for work, planning ahead can help make the experience much more pleasurable. So, here are some top tips for de-stressing your next work trip:

Plan in Advance

If you haven’t packed everything you need for your travels to sleep, workout, or work, you’re going to find yourself getting stressed right from the start. Make sure you plan ahead by charging your iPad, dry cleaning your suit, and packing your white noise machine that helps you get to sleep. Then, before you depart, make sure you’ve allowed plenty of time to pack your bags. This will feel much better than slinging everything into your case 10 minutes before you’re due to walk out the door.

Take Advantage of Corporate Travel Resources

Your company will pay for a number of services for their business travelers, and there’s a reason they do this – they can save you a lot of time and money. So, let them handle all the finer details like hotel bookings, car rentals, and plane tickets while you take care of the most important thing – securing that lucrative business deal.

Get Work Done Beforehand

If you know you’ll struggle to concentrate in your hotel room or you’ll not be able to concentrate mid-flight, try to get as much work done as possible before you set off. Battling with Wi-Fi outages in your hotel while you’re rushing to meet a deadline is not going to relax you. By getting work done in advance you’ll make your trip far more stress-free.

Make Use of Airport and Hotel Amenities

To relax before you set off, be sure to make use of any of the amenities on offer at the airport or nearby hotel. A number of companies, like Marriott hotel, provide airport hotels that include a wide range of leisure facilities, including swimming pools, gyms, and saunas. So do whatever makes you feel relaxed before your flight so you’re feeling recharged when you arrive at your business meeting.

Meet Up with Friends

Are there any friends or non-business acquaintances you know at your destination city? Then why not meet up with them for a couple of hours? Seeing familiar faces can really help you get out of “work mode,” providing you with a great way to de-stress and get to know the area.

Even though it’s inevitable something will go wrong during your trip, avoid adding to your stress levels by removing as many hurdles as possible. Plan ahead, take time to relax and put together a steady schedule that’ll let you focus on your own well-being as well as your work.