The Path to Become a Hotel Executive

Becoming an executive of a large hotel  is basically no different than becoming  executive of any hotel.

Take inventory of your skills and aptitude
Although it is imperative to go to school and learn about hotel management and hospitality, there are a few things that will be important for your success. Above all, you need to enjoy working around and with people. Hotels are about customer service and hospitality, so you need to enjoy being around people. As far as management is concerned, you will need to develop good communication skills. Although some communication skills can be learned, part of being a good communicator is innate. Often an individual who is thought of as being a people person will have good communication skills.

Attend the right college
After graduating from high school you need to apply to a school that has a good hotel management program. The school you choose to attend should be accredited by the Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. This organization provides accreditation for a four year program. There are two year programs that will help you get a middle management position, but you need a four year degree to become a top manager. In fact, for larger hotels, you will need to get a master’s degree. It doesn’t have to be in hotel management. The graduate degree can be a master’s degree in business administration.

Get experience working entry level positions
While you are studying for your bachelor’s degree, it may be helpful to work in a hotel. The more jobs you can learn, the more you will benefit as a manager after you earn your degree. With your degree, you will be able to get an entry level management job and then work your way up to higher positions. A graduate degree only makes your path to the top that much quicker. However, keep in mind that there is a lot of competition for management positions, and you will be competing against people who have done a lot of lower paying service jobs in a hotel, so they will know how a hotel operates from bottom to top.

There are many examples of people who received their college degrees and became successful as hotel managers. Sid Vaikunta is one example.