The Story of Bob Parsons

Being successful is a dream of many young people, but very few will succeed. It takes a special individual to keep focused and willing to do what most will not, hard work. In addition, the will to become the brightest and best has to be a nonstop goal, almost to obsession. Almost all of these personality types enter the world of entrepreneurship, where they are less stifled to work at their own pace. The corporate world is filled with rules and regulations, political correctness, and a controlled environment. Yes, few have the insight to see what can occur, and the guts to go for it.

The world of technology has provided a gateway to opportunity for entrepreneurs. In the past, creative beings had to possess a persuasive sales pitch and a likeable personality. Not everyone can sell and fewer still, have that radiant glow that attracts people. Much of the winning technology has taken place behind closed doors where small teams exchange ideas, fine tune software, and never give up. The days of shoving a new invention into faces and depending on a winning smile, have become muted, or have entered the political arena. Inventors and entrepreneurs are taking the spotlight with products that can make life easier and change the future, for the better.

There are many fine examples of successful people, like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who challenged the system, and won. Another unique individual that leads the pack in technology ventures, is Bob Parsons Founder of the domain registrar, Go Daddy. A decorated Marine, Parsons learned first-hand what diligence and discipline consisted of. Together with a desire to create a positive future, Parsons was not unlike many entrepreneurs that began in the basement of his home. This type of meek beginning really takes guts, but teaching yourself a skill, takes brains and patience, as well.

It is not about leading a certain lifestyle that attracts these leaders to push themselves to the edge. It is more of a commitment to find that inner passion to be able to help others. For example, contributing millions of dollars to help centers for HIV/AID afflicted patients, homeless shelters, and preschool programs, are a few of the ways that Parsons and his wife have delighted in becoming self-made millionaires.

Entrepreneurs never stop achieving, once a goal is finally reached. Perhaps it is because they have found that certain niche that provides a wholesome feeling in their lives, or that they never feel fully sustained. There will always be people in need and not enough that can be done. Seldom do the self-achievers of the world, take their gains and flaunt in the face of others, but use to create better communities and help the less fortunate.

Success stories, like those of Jobs, Gates, and Parsons, serves to show everyone that money is not the basis of leading a better life, but simply a tool to find enrichment in showing others that we all have dreams that can be fulfilled. It is about finding your reason for being by keeping focused, relying on ourselves to get there, and paying back to society for opportunities of freedom.