Timeless Trends in Home Decor

Decorating trends come and go, so sometimes it’s difficult to keep your home looking fresh and modern without going to the trouble and expense of redecorating every season. However, there are some easy ways to keep your home looking stylish by incorporating trends that are as timeless as they are attractive.

1. Color

One of the quickest trends to pass is color; for those of us who remember the avocado green and day-glo orange of the 1970s, this might be a good thing. Though neutrals and earth-tones are considered classic, most trending colors are a passing fancy. The best ways to keep up with color trends and keep your decor from looking dated are to stick with using color trends as accents and accessories. This will allow you to update your color without the expense of purchasing new furnishings or carpets just to keep up with current trends.

2. Texture

In the case of semi-permanent trends like bold designs and animal print, you can safely incoporate them either by choosing one large piece or scattering smaller examples throughout your home or office. Rotating pieces also helps to lend a sense of freshness.

3. Furniture.

Furnituire is a big investment, so that exotic desk or artsy-but-uncomfortable chair might make interesting conversation pieces, but the novelty will fade over time. Function and comfort are far more important than style when it comes to big-ticket items you will have to live with for an extended period.

4. Cost

A big factor in your decorating options is the budget. Fad items that are neither functional nor practical should be overlooked completely. The bulk of your decorating budget should be devoted to features that you will use for a long time and that are always en vogue, like wood flooring. Save trendiness for smaller purchases like lamps, walls hangings, art and other accessories.

The best way to create a timeless look that’s fashionable and functional is to incorporate styles from different eras, stick to the less-is-more tradition and trust your own taste and preferences over what’s hot now.

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