Tips to Search a Work from Home Job That Really Works

Work-from-Home jobs are real and they do work. However, not all work for home jobs are genuine and it is quite challenging to find a legitimate one.

Everyone has dream to sit in home and make money online. However, in the beginning you have to struggle a lot to find a genuine home job.

Many people quit working from home because they cannot find a legit job. Hence, I wrote down this article to help you finding a genuine home job.

It take time, however with some effort you could definitely find a job. Here are some tips.

1. Beware of Scams Online and Offline

The first step towards finding a work from home job that works is identifying scams and other kind of frauds. If you know most of the work from home jobs are scam whether they are online or offline.

If you are beginner then there is a chance that you might fell for a scam and lose a lot of money and time. Hence you have to differentiate between a scam and genuine home job. This would be your first step.

2. Go Out of Your Home And Enquire

Don’t be shy when it comes to working from home. You must realize that work-from-home jobs are still not very popular like your regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Therefore, you cannot afford to sit in home and find a job; if there is a need you should go out and find out more about home jobs. There is nothing wrong in it.

3. Start With Classified Ads in Newspaper

Now you have to start searching for a home job. You could start with glancing classifieds section of your newspaper. Although this is not the perfect way to finding a home job but not that bad as a starter.

Try to ascertain which could be possibly a genuine home job among hundreds of other ads. Use your mind and try to find one.

4. Go Online and Start Chatting with Your Community

Now from offline you need to come online and start looking for a legit home job. You could start joining forums and discussion boards where others just like you are searching for a home job.

You could ask your questions and get an insight about how other people thing about home jobs. People who are already working might be able to tell you more about these jobs.

5. Use Google Search and Research Each & Every Website

Now you have to get more technical and use Google search to research more about home jobs. You have to use keywords and search everything related to home jobs.

Go to every website and see whether the site looks genuine or not. Visit its contact page and read the information. If contact details with a phone number is given then that might be a genuine site.

You can further research by checking the review of the website. For example, if you want to check the review of a work from home site like then use the keywords like “jobsconsult review” or even complaints so that you can know what their customers are saying.

6. Distinguishing Between a Genuine Company and Fraud

As I mentioned earlier you have to differentiate between a genuine site offering a home job and a fraud. How would you do that?

Well! The site must have visitors coming to it, then see contact details, office address with phone number is must and finally check out for testimonials and do some more background search on Google.

Use your mind to get an idea.

7. Craiglist, eLance, SimplyHired are Some of the Genuine Websites

If you are finding it difficult using Google because it is too technical then you could visit sites like Craiglist, Elance etc.

These are genuine sites with recruiters who are looking for candidates just like you. Some more are, freelancer, oDesk, Fiverr,, simply hired etc

8. Do NOT Pay for Registration or Anything Like That

I advise you a work from home job that is genuine and pays you will never ask for registration.

Hence, never pay money for registration or anything like that. If a site or company is asking for registration then it might not be genuine.

9. Always Connect to Employer or Hirer through Phone

You should always look out for contact details and merely email is not enough. A phone number is a must so that you could talk to customer care and enquire more about the job.

If you get the answer then that might be a genuine company. So always talk through a phone then move forward when it comes to work from home jobs.

10. Visit the Company or Office Where You Will Be Joining

Finally, if you are not satisfied with phone talking to the customer support then you could visit the company office and find out more about it.

Moreover, you could also pay for consultancy if you are desperate for finding a work from home job.

So these were few tips for finding home jobs that really works and pay you on time every month.