Two Simple & Easy Online Jobs Anyone Can Start

There are many people who search and try to earn money from online jobs but many of them are not able to earn anything even after trying for months. One of the main reason for failure in online job is misguidance.

One of the biggest problem they face is registration charges demanded by online jobs sites and once they pay their hard earned money, they find it extremely difficult to use the techniques shown by these sites. When they ask for support and guidance there is no reply from these online jobs sites.

Then again in future if they find any genuine training program for internet job, it becomes difficult for them to trust on such program. They don’t want to invest anything again.

So if you have already tried a lot and still not able to earn anything, then you don’t need to worry as I am going to provide you the details of 2 best online jobs where if you go and signup (don’t worry, all free) then you can start earning from day 1 and I am pretty sure about it.

So here we go to understand these online jobs-

Two Best & Trusted Online Jobs

Although there are number of online jobs but if this is your first time to start an online work or if you have failed in last online opportunity then these 2 are the recommended online jobs.

One of the most important thing about these online jobs is that, both of these online jobs are very simple, easy and absolutely free. Anyone with basic knowledge of English & internet can operate and start.

So read one be one-

Online Survey Jobs

Online survey is one of best online jobs for you. If you spend around 2 hours daily completing online surveys, then you can definitely earn $300-$500 per month. If you work more, then you can earn much more then this.

So what is online surveys?

Online survey is nothing but a way for a company to grow their business. Every company wants to create a product, accepted by everyone. So they want to take opinion of each and every people about what they want in their product.

By taking the answer from different different people, either they design a common product or create different brands for different people.

This way, they find better sales and growth in their business. They take the help of popular survey sites for taking the online surveys.

They prepare different questions related to their product and send to the online survey sites and they in turn, distributes these survey to their members.

But the members (like you & me) don’t do it free. As it takes time around 5 minutes to 30 minutes for each survey, these survey sites pay these members for their time.

Members get paid around $2 to $10 for completing each and every survey.

Many of the people do it part time and for many of them its a full tie job. They earn their bread and butter from this online job only.

You too can signup with these survey sites and earn good money as per your convenience. But there are hundreds of sites and not all of them are trusted, so join them carefully after reading the review on review sites or checking on Google.

2. Get Paid to Click

This is another most famous online job you can start. The work is simple here but the earning is also not that good. But there are ways, you can use to grow your earning fast. So check more here about this internet opportunity-

What is the concept?

Get paid to click is also known as PTC concept. There are number of PTC sites where thousands of advertisers advertise and spend lots of money. You need to join on such sites and view the ads of these advertisers.

There is no need to purchase anything from these advertisers. They just want to create the brand awareness of their products. You need to click on these ads and then view them for few seconds.

For each and every ad you click and view  for some specified time, you will get paid some commission.

How much you can earn from viewing the ads?

If you join 10 sites and view all ads from all the sites then you can’t make even more than $100. And there is no meaning for joining more than 10 sites.

So how can you earn more money?

Its very simple to earn better money from PTC online job. You need to refer more and more people to these PTC sites. More people you refer, more money you can make.

There are number of best PTC sites where you can signup. Some of them are ClixSense, NeoBux, Probux, BuxP etc.

Once you join, you will get a referral link which you can send to your friend, relatives and other list so that when they join, you can earn from each and every referral when they view the ads.

There are many people who are making more than $5000 from Clixsense and Neobux every month just because of referring large number of people.

So these are 2 most simple but powerful online jobs. If you take these internet jobs seriously then you can make at least $500-$600 by working 2-3 hours a day.