Useful organization tips you’re not taking

Let’s face it, staying organized at work can be a challenge. When you’re battling your way through a busy day, any sense of order you’ve managed to build up can quickly disappear. However, it is possible to keep control even when the pressure’s on, and the chances are you already have the knowhow to achieve this. We’re all aware of the following useful organization tips, but are you paying them the attention they deserve?

Kit your office out with the right storage solutions

If you’ve been making do with impromptu storage solutions so far, like piling documents on your desk or the floor, now’s the time to make a change. By ensuring that you can put all of your paperwork and other items neatly away in designated spots, you can keep track of where everything is at all times. This will help to prevent those moments of panic when you realize you’ve mislaid important documents or other resources.

There’s certainly no shortage of office storage solutions on offer these days. Whether you have a small work area with limited space or you’ve got lots of square footage to play with, you won’t struggle to find handy furnishings that help to make organizing your days that bit easier. As specialist furnishing supplier Furniture At Work™ points out, filing cabinets are now an integral part of most offices. Under-desk pedestals can come in handy too, along with shelving systems.

A simple desk tidy could also make a good investment. These products help to ensure you always have the right stationery to hand.

Keep on top of your inbox

You’ve no doubt been advised many times to ensure your email inbox doesn’t become congested. After all, having a backlog of messages is a surefire way to increase your stress levels. However, do you actually go out of your way to clear email buildups on a regular basis? When deadlines loom and the pressure’s on, it’s all too easy to let inboxes expand.

To stop this from happening, get into the habit of checking your emails on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have time to deal with these messages straight away, you can file them in suitable folders and come back to them later.

Don’t be tempted to multi-task

It’s often said that to work efficiently, it’s important to take tasks on one by one. However, like lots of people, you might be tempted to multitask in a bid to get more done. Bear in mind that this approach can be counterproductive. Although flitting to and fro between different duties might give you the impression that you’re making great strides, in fact it is almost guaranteed to slow you down.

To ensure you don’t get diverted away from your tasks, it helps to make detailed daily plans listing all the things you need to do, and to work through these plans ticking tasks off as you go. You might be surprised by how much more you can accomplish if you adopt more structured working practices.