Using Banners to Promote Your Business

Using banners to promote your business is a time tested way of creating awareness and bringing in new customers. If used wisely, banners can represent a huge return of investment that continues to pay dividends for years into the future.

Types of Banners to Consider

The types of banners and what you have on them is only limited by your own imagination and creativity. While your options are endless, there are a few banner types that prove to be successful over and over again. The most popular banners are:

Opening Soon – An ‘opening soon’ banner is excellent for letting potential customers know there’s a new business in town. By publicising that your business will be opening soon, you will begin building demand and awareness within the public long before you open your doors.

Sales  – If you are having a sale, then you’ll want to promote it the best you can. By telling people items will be reduced by e.g ‘Up to 50% off’, you can create buzz and draw in people who love a good sale, and who doesn’t like a sale?

New Product or Service – If you have just launched a new product or service, then you want people to know about it. A prominently placed banner can entice people to come in and purchases your new offering.

Closing Down Sale – People love closing down sales because they believe they can get great bargains. By advertising that you are closing down, you will bring in more people and ensure you sell as much stock as possible before closing down.

New Opening Hours – If you are changing your opening hours, then you’ll want to inform your customers that you are now open later or shut earlier.

Trade Shows – If working a trade show, you want to create as much attention around your stall as possible, a banner can create awareness and deliver a quick overview of what you do as a business.

Tips For Your Banners

There are a number of best practices you’ll want to stick to when creating your banner, these include:

  • Make it large enough to stand out
  • Use easy to read fonts
  • Use contrasting colours to make important information stand out
  • Fasten down your banner with sturdy materials, cable ties or screws work best.
  • Make sure your banners are clean at all time as dirty banners can harm the image of your business
  • Have a professional designer put together your design; doing it yourself can look cheap and unprofessional.

Areas Where Banners Can be Most Effective

Banners can be an effective advertising tool both on site and off site. The most common place for banners on site include above your storefront, in the car park and in the shop itself.

If you are wanting to create awareness in places away from your business, then placing banners on the road side, in sporting fields and in areas where there is high foot traffic can all be extremely effective.