What is a registered office address?

It is not a secret that it is mostly small businesses that benefit from something called a registered office address. By now you might be wondering what is a registered office address?. Don’t worry because I am here to explain everything to you in a few simple words that will be so easy to understand that you will be able to tell other small business owners about the benefits of this type of office.

Most small business owners realize that a registered office address is something really important to them, something that tells a lot about their business. Imagine, for example, that you are about to send a letter to the owner of a small business you have dealings with. You enter their registered office address only to discover that this is a very prestigious address indeed. Within a minute, the way you view that particular company changes. It is no longer some sort of small company, but rather a company the image of which has been considerably boosted and changed forever.

Companies with a registered office address also appear on the public record including Companies House. This is another reason to make sure that if you are a small business owner your company has a prestigious address you can use for all your official correspondence or even your unofficial one.

Why would a small business owner want to have a registered office address rather than provide his home address for the purpose of receiving documents and letters? Well, in order to increase their prestige, many small business owners choose to go that way thinking that their home address will not get them anywhere. And they are right when doing so. More customers will be naturally drawn to a business if they see that it is registered in a reliable, prestigious place where many other businesses are registered as well.

Another reason to get a registered office address is to be able to get all the important business-related documents on time. I am talking here about all sorts of documents from customers, but also from various government agencies that are even more important to get. When this is the case, you simply cannot go wrong by having a registered office address. The reliable delivery of all important documents is of utmost importance here to ensure the smooth running of a company.

There is a specific group of small business owners who might be particularly interested in this type of services. I am thinking here about overseas businesses. For them, the only hope for having any type of presence in the UK market is to have a real UK office address. It is so important to them that they would go to great lengths to make it happen. Of course, nobody prevents them from doing so, so they can register their company in the UK without being the actual residents in the country. For more information on how to make that happen you might want to visit the above link that will explain everything in great detail.